from: Janice Carmac / Editorial Asst - People & Places to: JR Smith, Tiffany Jones, N-R  Jan 20,2011  N-R P&P Cindy Lopez 373-7212
Thanks for sending. I will submit this to run Jan. 30 or the following Sunday, as space allows, in the Guilford Record section of the News & Record newspaper.  Talked to Cindy Loman, she decides what the reporters will write about.  373-7212 or  also Sylvia Howard at 373-7172. Give us something in The Guilford Record which is a section of the News & Record like Sports or Lifestyles. Cori Slapp article runs Sunday Jan 30, or Feb 6, 2011.   Called Fox8 1/26/2011,  841-8888 or 800-808-6397 sent out information 1/27/2011, email to: Felicia Barlow. 1/28/2011

Hello News Editor, (Tiffany Jones) I would like this event to be announced in the Greensboro News-Record and also arrange some news coverage or an article about our event.. I have already submitted through, SCENE calendar. Thanks in advance, JR Smith

This announcement was sent out to all newspapers in a 100 mile radius:

What: 2011 (11 - Man) National in Greensboro NC - Feb 10-13
When: Feb 10 13, 2011
Where: Econo Lodge and Suites 120 Seneca Rd Greensboro, North Carolina 27406
Description: The 2011 (11-Man) National is scheduled for February 10th - 13th, 2011 (Thursday thru Sunday) at Econo Lodge and Suites, 120 Seneca Rd, 27406 Greensboro, NC (336) 275-9575.
Web: NC Checkers website Call - Teal Stanley (336)-215-7066 or JR Smith (336)-209-5656

This 4 day 11-Man National Checker Tournament will feature some of the best crossboard checker players from the state and across the US. It is an open format allowing anyone interested to sign up and compete. There will be players from at least 15 other states including North Carolina. The highest finishing player will be recognized as the 2011 (11-Man) National Champion and guaranteed a shot at the 11-Man World Title which is currently held by World Champion, Grand Master Alex Moiseyev. Moiseyev will be here! and also Alan Millhone, the president of American Checker Federation.

We start Thursday, February 10th with registration at 8:00 am. We arranged for Mayor Bill Knight to welcome our out of town players, followed by a business meeting and play begins at 10:00 am. We will play Thursday through Sunday.

I have included some links so you can read more about 11-Man Checkers.

Its the same checkers you played as a child but on a professional level. Checker rules and moves are simple but the game on this level requires concentration and visualization. The depth of possibilities and consequences are equal to chess. 11-Man Checkers is a style or variation of standard checkers which removes a checker from each side and makes the first move for each side randomly. You play with 11 pieces instead of the normal 12 men. This creates 2,500 unique openings, far too many to memorize. A deck of cards is used to get the opening which both opponents play from each side, the Red and White pieces. There is usually an advantage side, thus requiring the player to win the advantage side and draw the disadvantage side. Checkers and Chess are prone to yield many draw games when professional opponents play known opening and lines, the 11- Man restricted openings stops that.

Here is our NC Checker website and particularly the webpage to this event

I appreciate your help and suggestions. You may use any information on this email or the website to write the announcement and print it as you wish. If you have questions please write, call or email me. I am the secretary for NCCA and maintain the website. 336-209-5656 or 336-288-6620


JR Smith
3007 Robin Hood Drive
Greensboro, NC 27408

From: Felicia Barlow  To: JR Smith  Date: 1/28/2011  Time: 9:25a

Good morning,
Would you be interested in being a guest on the FOX8 Morning News prior to the event? I think it would be fun to have 1-2 people onset playing checkers. We could do an interview and maybe even teach the anchors a thing or two about the game! Your thoughts?

Felicia Barlow
Executive Producer
(336) 821-1108

From: JR Smith  To: Felicia Barlow   Date: 1/28/2011 Time: 8:23p

Yes Felicia Barlow, this is a wonderful idea... maybe Bill McClintock, Greensboro 674-5402 Larry Michael, Lexington 248-8620 Teal Stanley, Greensboro 205-7066 and Tim Laverty, Graham 213-1728 I would prefer McClintock and Michael if only two can participate. All these individuals are excellent checker players and at the Master level or near that. They have spent many hours perfecting their game. You really have to love checker to spend that kind of time, close to an obsession or fanatic, but don't tell them I said that! LOL. What day and time were you thinking about, and I assume they would visit the Fox 8 studio at 2005 Francis St. High Point, NC 27263 (336) 841-8888 or toll-free (800) 808-6397 . Give me a day or two to coordinate the arrangements, I can't be there to do it because I'm vacationing at Edisto Island, SC I'm communicating via internet. Thank You, JR Smith

NCCA Correspondence