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October 24, 2013

Mr. Jay Ashley, Managing Editor
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Dear Mr. Ashley:

Please help us get the word out about bringing a World Title Match to Burlington, NC. The World 11-Man Ballot Match between GM Alex Moiseyev, current World 11-Man Checkers Champion from Dublin, Ohio and IM Tim Laverty, challenger from Graham, North Carolina is scheduled to play a 16 game match on November 8th - 11th, 2013. Dates are Friday thru Monday, with the option of possibly playing an additional 4 games (tie breaker play-off) on Tuesday, November 12th if an even score after 16 games. This 11-Man Ballot WTM will start 9:00 AM at the Econo Lodge in a designated playing room on the 2nd floor. Opponents are scheduled to play 16 games at 4 games per day and finish their 16th game Monday (Veteran's Day) evening.

Here is a link to more details.




J.R. Smith, Secretary of NCCA
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cc: Teal Stanley, Jeff Webster, Mike Ross, Clint Pickard, Raleigh Johnson, John Webster, Brian Durham

Chris Lavender -   Jay Ashley, Times-News Burlington -   Photographer, Scott Muthersbaugh -  

Request for an news article on 11-Man National - Burlington, NC  2/10/2014 email to above:

Two locals were recently recognized for their checker playing abilities: IM (International Master) Tim Laverty a Graham, NC resident won 2nd place in the 11-Man Ballot ACF National Masters Division Checker Tournament.

Glenn Fuquay an Elon, NC resident won the 11-Man Ballot ACF National Majors Division Checker Tournament.  Fuquay mentally battled his way to the top of the Majors Division which lasted 3 days and 8 rounds, for a total of 24 hours of competitive checker playing.

GM (Grandmaster) Alex Moiseyev of Dublin, Ohio won the tournament.  We had players from 8 different states. 

This checker tournament featured some of the best 11-Man Ballot Checker players in the USA.  It was an open format allowing anyone interested to sign up and compete as 16 games of 8 openings over 3 days. The highest finishing players from this National was recognized as the 2014 US National 11-Man Champion of his division. The Master Division winner or 2nd place finisher, if the world champion was an entrant, may challenge the World 11-Man Champion Alex Moiseyev for a world title match. We played two divisions using the Swiss pairing system for scoring as three rounds each day scheduled as: 3 rounds Friday and 3 rounds Saturday and 2 rounds Sunday, January 31st through February 2nd 2014 at Econo Lodge Hotel, 2133 Hanford Rd, Burlington, NC 27215. 

The 8 openings were selected from the 11-Man Ballot Deck. A checker from each side is removed (thus 11- Men) and the first two moves on each side are randomly chosen to create the opening. Each opponent plays both sides of the opening, thus a two game round. Teal Stanley and JR Smith were the director/sponsor of this tournament. This was an ACF (American Checker Federation) and NCCA (North Carolina Checker Association) sanctioned tournament.  You may contact Teal Stanley 336-215-7066, JR Smith 336-209-5656, Tim Laverty 336-213-1728, Glenn Fuquay 336-214-0456 for more information or verification.  You can use photos and change text as you see fit.  Thank you, JR Smith

Photos are attached and show Teal Stanley presenting the players their trophy at the closing ceremony.

NCCA Correspondence