Malcolm "Fritz" Stancil Funeral Memorial Pamphlet

Larry Pollard announced that the late Malcolm “Fritz” Taylor Stancil will be honored at this year’s event. The Malcolm “Fritz” Stancil Memorial Alabama & District 5 Checker Tournament is a fitting tribute to Mr. Stancil.  He was responsible for getting Larry involved in checkers in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Mr. Stancil of Hackleburg, Alabama, was an active Alabama tournament organizer and promoter.  He played state, district, and national tournaments.  Many of these tourneys he and Larry would travel together.  He was a fine gentleman and a friend to everyone.  Malcolm lived out his last years in a nursing home in Huntsville and died at age 91 last December.  Above is his funeral leaflet, and a link to 2010 Alabama & District which honored him, and two of his National Tourneys - 1986 Tupelo & 1990 Tupelo.

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