King:  "I will regain Three Move Restriction Title"
Web Posted - Thu Dec 14 2006
BARBADOS WORLD draughts champion, Ronald “Suki” King, will be seeking to regain the Three Move Restriction Title (TMRT) currently being held by Alex Moiseyev of the United States of America.

King’s thoughts of regaining the Three Move Restriction title comes in the wake of his recent successful defense of the Go As You Please World title against American Jim Morrison.

Formerly undisputed World champion, King lost the TMRT to Moiseyev in 2003. Moiseyev defeated King eight games to three on home turf and followed up this victory by again beating King in 2005 in Ireland.

King is however confident that he can once again bring the TMRT back to Barbados. “After my comprehensive victory over Morrison of the United States last week, I will not be resting until I am back on top as the undisputed King of the draughts world,” he said.

King added: “Over the next couple of months, I will be putting in a lot of work in TMR style to prepare myself to challenge the American.”

“This type of draught is not popular in Barbados like the Go As You Please format,” King explained.

“However, to this end, I would like the corporate community to come on board and assist in sponsoring some Three Move Restriction Tournament, in order to assist me in my preparation.”

“This will not only benefit myself, but also other draught players who are not accustomed to this style,” he said.

The Barbados Checkers and Draught Federation (BCDF) is in the process of bidding to host the TMRT match in Barbados.

Secretary of the Federation Hazeain King stated that .... “One of the major objectives of the association is to host some of the games throughout the Caribbean. This will certainly help to promote draught among our neighbours and assist in it’s growth,” she concluded.

King won the World Qualifier in Stone Haven, Scotland to become the official challenger for the Three Move Restriction World title against current champion Alex Moiseyev of the United States.

King is scheduled to challenge Moiseyev on May 23, 2007. King expressed his thanks to Cable & Wireless for the wonderful support they gave him during his recent Go As You Please title defense against Jim Morrison at the Checker Hall of fame in Petal Mississippi.

He also expressed sincere gratitude to Black Bess and Adams Tours for their assistance.