North Carolina State Tournament Champions
- North Carolina Open -

July, 1896 - The North American Checker Board lists John A. Murdoch as the State Champion of NC.

February, 1897 - The North American Checker Board & Newspapers reported John A. Murdoch of Asheville, North Carolina, State Checkers Champion, resigns the title, due to the loss of an eye. Mr. H.C. McNair, who was to play a match with Murdoch, refused to accept the title, stating publicly that he would, “Prefer playing you to holding the champion.”  Apparently Murdoch never played McNair of Maxton, North Carolina since he later claimed the title and reportedly defended it for many years.  Mr. McNair is credited with organizing the North Carolina Checker Association in late 1917 and established the organization in early 1918. We use the 1918 date because it appeared on North Carolina Checker Association literature as the established date. Maxton is a small town partially in both Robeson and Scotland counties, NC.

NC Open Champions  History