1939 NCA 2nd Cross-board National Tournament”

Probably the biggest prize ever was the 1939 Studebaker car "Willie" Ryan won at the National Checker Association's Second Cross-board National Tournament held in Tacoma Washington August 28 - September 12, 1939. Edwin Bucker "Pal" or "Palomino" reported his research shows that the car weighted about 2,300 pounds. Now that's pretty BIG don't you think! Those cars sold for about $720.00 back then which would be equal to more than $12,000.00 in today's money. Al says that there's a picture of Ryan standing along side the car on page 179 of the American Checkerist Magazine.

Pal also related that Al Darrow calls Don Deweber every Thursday evening and tonight they discussed this question during their phone conversation. "Biggest ever prize money in checkers," and Pal posted the above on the ACF forum under Board index on Thu May 01, 2014 9:14 pm - "Re: biggest ever prize money in checkers".

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