1975  11-Man WTM  

1975 11-Man World Title Match - Lakeside, OH - Aug 4th - 8th 
Asa Long defeated Keneth Grover at Lakeside, OH, August 4th - 8th, 1975 by a score of 4 wins to 2 with 13 draws. The purse was $2,000.  ACF Bulletin, Oct. 1975, (p. 4.) Long was then simply referred to as the 11-Man Champion, since he held both the Tourney and the Match Titles.

July 22-25, 1974 Asa Long won the 11-Man Match National Tourney for the US 11-Man Championship (some referred to it as 2nd 11-Man National) at Philadelphia, PA. and in 1975 he won the "11-Man World Title Match " from Kenneth Grover (4-2-13), but the title languished for years and was listed as inactive for a while and then dropped altogether.  Long was apparently not interested in defending his title.

(The below facts from back issues of ACFB were made available by Dr. Richard Beckwith and help from Bob Murr and Al Darrow).

Asa Long, Toledo, Ohio, defeated Kenneth Grover, Taholah, Washington, by a score of 4 wins to 2, and 13 draws in their 11-Man Ballot match played August 4-8, 1975 at Lakeside, Ohio.  Mr. Long now holds both the match and U.S. tourney titles. The match was played for a purse of $2,000, donated by Parks Herzog, Blythe, California and was split 60% / 40% to winner / loser.  Other contributors were John Parry - $50; Herschel Smith - $50;  Jules Leopold - $25; and Dave Midler - $5.  Charles Knapp of New York was the Match Referee; Dr. Arnold Gallub was Match Promoter and presented the prize money to the players on August 9 at Lakeside.  Plans are being made to annotate the games for publication and sale; Marion Tinsley, Asa Long, and Kenneth Grover have consented to analyze a number of the games.  Write to Kenneth Grover, Box 1223, Taholah, Washington, 98587, or to Dr. Arnold M. Gallub, 639 West End Avenue, New York, N.Y., 10025 if you would like a copy of the annotated games when ready.  Checker players and 11-Man Ballot enthusiasts everywhere owe a vote of thanks to Parks Herzog for his generosity in sponsoring this match.  ACFB # 137 - October / 1975 pg. 4&5.

Dr. Arnold Gallub, New York, has been working on promoting a World Title 11-Man Ballot Match between Derek Oldbury and Kenneth Grover.  (U.S. Tourney and Match Champion Asa Long officially declined Mr. Oldbury's challenge.)  Recognition of the match as title match by the ACF depends on similar recognition by the EDA.  Parks Herzog has contributed $2,000.00 towards the purse fund, but further contributions and a venue site are needed.  Dr. Gallub has been negotiating with Charles Walker for the Hall of Fame site at Petal, Miss., but other venue bids are sought.  ACFB # 164 - April / 1980.

Derek Oldbury, Devon, England and Richard Hallett, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., will play a 20-game match at 11-Man Ballot for the (proposed) world title.  The match will be played in Poughkeepsie starting September 2 following the District 2 Open on Labor Day weekend.   The match will be for $3,000 a side, winner-take-all, and will continue in blocks of 4 games ("sudden death") in case of a tie at 20 games.  The EDA has officially recognized this match as being for the World Title.  ACFB # 210 - June / 1986.

      Richard Hallett, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., won the 20-game match for the World Title at 11-Man Ballot against Derek Oldbury, England, by a score of 4 wins to 3 and 13 draws.  Derek was 2 games down after 18 games, but won the 19th to make it a photo finish for the 20th game - which was a draw.  William Levine, Brooklyn, was Match Referee, and Joe Schwartz, Poughkeepsie, was host and promoter.  Hallett is prepared to defend the title and welcomes challenges.  Send challenges to Joe Schwartz, 14 Wilmot Terrace, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.,  12603. with copy to ACF President Les Balderson, 6517 Patterson Ave., Richmond, Va., 23226.   ACFB # 203 - October / 1986 pg. 3.

Richard Hallett, Poughkeepsie, NY,  defeated Derek Oldbury, Devon, England by (4-3-13) in their 20-game 11-Man Ballot World Title Match held in Poughkeepsie, NY at the home of Joe Schwartz on September 2 thru - 6th lasting 5 days playing 4 games per day.  Match was sanctioned by ACF & EDA, and played for a match purse of $3,000 a side, winner-take-all.   ACFB # 210 - June / 1986 pg. 1 and ACFB # 203 - October / 1986 pg. 3. also in same issue on back of front cover Richard Hallett is listed as the 11-Man World Champion.

      Richard Hallett, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and Elbert Lowder of Sanford, NC will play a 20-game match at 11-Man Ballot for a purse of $3,000.00.  The  match will be played the week of September 21 or 28 at the home of Joe Schwartz, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.   ACFB # 209 - October  / 1987 pg. 5 and ACFB # 210 - December  / 1987 pg. 2

      Elbert Lowder, Sanford, N.C., beat Richard Hallett, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., by a score of 4 wins to 2 and 13 draws in their recent match.  The dates were not specified - merely that the match was recent.    ACFB # 210 - December / 1987 pg. 2. 

Elbert Lowder of Sanford, NC defeats Richard Hallett, of Poughkeepsie, NY,  (4-2-13) in their 20-game 11-Man Ballot World Title Match held in Poughkeepsie, NY at the home of Joe Schwartz.   ACFB # 210 - Dec / 1987 pg 2. 

2002 Moiseyev vs Lowder World 11-Man Ballot World Championship Match
      (Moiseyev vs Lowder) October 11-14th at the Parks and Recreation Center, Richmond, Kentucky. 20 games, which World Eleven-Man Champion Elbert Lowder was challenged by Alex Moiseyev.  This was an exciting and even contest, resulting: 6W-6L-8D which was not enough to dethrone Lowder.  Each opponent put up $500 and the challenger paid travel, room, & board expense for the Champion. Split purse 50/50. This WCM was played parallel with the Kentucky State Open 11-13th but in a separate and special room.  Eleven-Man Ballot is the true test of a crossboard player's ability to visualize.  In this style of checkers, the board is set up as normal, but one piece of each color is removed, and then a move for each side is played.  The pieces removed and moves played are selected by random ballot.  This yields exactly 2500 unique starting positions, far too many for opening play to be memorized.  Review 20 games: Games

2008 "Elbert Lowder Memorial" 11-Man Ballot National
      The 11-Man National was played in Albemarle, NC and the birthplace of Elbert Lowder, a fitting tribute to Mr. Lowder. This was a 4 day tournament - Thursday thru Sunday, January 31st - February 3rd, 2 game per round - 2 rounds per day at the Sleep Inn & Suites.  ACF sanctioned, Organizers: NCCA, Millhone, Beckwith, Laverty, and Smith, - Tim Laverty Official Match Referee/Scorekeeper, and the top five were: 1. Tim Laverty,  2. Alex Moiseyev,  3. Mike Ross, 4. Teal Stanley
, 5. Dr. Richard Beckwith, (honor points separating 2nd thru 4th place). 
ACFB # 332 - April / 2008 pg 1. 

2008 Moiseyev vs Laverty World 11-Man Ballot World Championship Match
      Alex Mosieyev challenges Tim Laverty the US National 11-Man Champion for the vacant world title. This
11-Man WTM is scheduled to be played in Albemarle, NC., Thursday thru Sunday, July 3rd thru 6th,  an ACF & WCDF sanctioned,16 game match, 2 game per round - 2 rounds per day at the Sleep Inn & Suites. Organizers: ACF & JR Smith - JR Smith Official Match Referee/Scorekeeper.

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