1975 Southeastern - District IV Open
States: FL, GA, NC, SC, VA, WV

The 1975 Southeastern - District IV Open Checker Tournament
 held  at the Palomino Motel & Restaurant on November 26th
thru 29th in Sanford, NC

Elbert Lowder of Sanford, NC wins the 1975 Southeastern Championship

1975 Southeastern in Sanford at the Palomino Motel & Restaurant.  Clem Crawford is the gentleman observing Ed Scheidt of Reston,
Virginia (white) vs Les Balderson of Richmond, VA (red)  This was in the checker hay-days of Clint Pickard's Sanford checker tournaments.
It was announced that the 1976 Southeastern would be held there again next year and the 1976 3-Move US National would be in Sanford, NC.
Richard Fortman from Springfield, Illinois, attended this tournament, and at this time, was a 4 times IL State Champion and a 7 times Cook Co.
Champ. This Grandmaster Postal Player later authors "Basic Checkers" a 7 part Checker Study Set (The Checker Bible), and wins two more IL
State Championships.  This is a OMCH photo.

December 1, 1975 - The Sanford Herald - “Southeastern Checker Tournament at Palomino Restaurant”

November 29, 1975 - The Sanford Herald - Duels hotly contested - “Crafty checkers pushers vie for title”

November 28, 1975 - The Sanford Herald - “Checkers masters are locked in duel”

July 6, 1975 - The Sanford Herald - “Lowder snares checkers title for the 13th time”


ACF District 4 Championships