Palomino Motel and Restaurant
US #1-15-501 Bypass South Sanford
1939 postcard of Palomino Motel

Let's identify all 32 of these players, Kneeling L to R: 
Ira Hinson,  Beril Smith,  Raleigh Johnson,  Tim Laverty,  Jeff Webster,  WO "Wayne" Milhado,  Ron Bailey,  Doyle Pearson.  Standing:  John Hickey,  Elbert Lowder,  AT "Albert" Foust,  Howard Amos,  Waldo Barton,  Rick Callaghan,  Les Balderson,  Jim Truitt,  Bernard Ross,  James "Sawmill" Sipe,  EW Mayes,  unknown?,  Brothers - Charlie Moore & George Moore.  Backrow:  EW McConnell, unknown?,  RE Stinnett,  Clint Pickard,  Cecil Lowe,  JC Weatherly,  EG "Everett" McQueen,  unknown?,  Ed Scheidt,  Frank Walls. 

ACF District 4 Championships