1998 District 4 Open 
States: FL, GA, NC, SC, VA, WV

The ACF District IV Open Checker Tournament was held October 16 - 18 in Mooresville, N.C.

 There was one division with 17 total entrants and a total of $2,455 paid out in prize money.

 1.  Tim Laverty-NC who is the new District 4 Champion
 2.  Raleigh Johnson-NC
 3.  Cecil Lowe-NC
 4.  Gene Westmoreland-NC
 5.  Carson Gullett-KY
 6.  Bill McClintock-NC
 7.  Henry Headinger-NC
 8. Tie between James Heffner-NC & Joe McClellan-NC
10. Matthew Clark-NC
11. Tie between Lonnie Martin-? & Merle Vaughan-NC
13. Paul Dingler-NC
14. Wade Holder-NC
15. Clint Pickard-NC
16. Larry Michael-NC
17. Fred Church-NC

I think that many thanks ought to go to Opal and Gene Westmoreland who raised $1,080 from local sponsors and to Clint Pickard who contributed $1,000 from an investment he made for the express purpose of promoting this tournament. Other contributors were Paul Dingler - $150, Raser Paint Co. - $50, and Merle Vaughan - $5. Our deepest encomium is extended towards these people. Submitted by Tim Laverty.