2001 Carolina Open 

2001 NC State Open Checker Tournament - Lexington Triad Inn (former Best Western) - July 20-22nd, 2001

Alex Moiseyev of Dublin, OH won the 2001 Carolina Open
Elbert L. Lowder of Sanford, NC is the highest NC finisher and declared our 2001 North Carolina Champion
Raleigh Johnson of Murfreesboro, NC is the 2001 NC State Majors Division Champion  

Congratulations Alex Moiseyev
1st Place winner!

Congratulations Elbert Lowder!
The 2001 NC State Checker Champion

Congratulations Raleigh Johnson!
The 2001 NC State Majors Champion


The NC Majors Champion is the winner of the Majors Division, if the top finishers are tied in match points then honor points are used to separate finish position; otherwise, they are Co-Champions, or if the top finisher is a non-resident then the next place NC finisher below him is selected.  Only NC residences may be a NC State Championship title holder.

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