2005 Burlington Checker Club Annual Tournament
The Checkerboard Grill - Burlington, NC - June 4th, 2005


3-Move -Swiss System of scoring:  5 rounds at 2 games per round.  We score each game as 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.
Tournament Administrator - Glenda Dingler & Official Scorekeeper - Frances McClintock


The Checkerboard Grill graciously hosted our Annual Checker Tournament letting us use their nice large meeting/playing room facility.



Burlington Checker Club President - Mike Ross and Tournament Director


We express our sympathy, and caring thoughts of the death of Morris "Mo" Pettijohn "Cooker509" on 5/14/05 with all attending players signing and mailing a Sympathy Card. 

I spoke to John and Mickie just after he withdrew from the NC State Ty after the 1st round because his
daughter's condition worsen and she was back in the hospital with cancer. We express our sympathy,
and caring thoughts of the death of Julie Webster Harmon, age 30 who died from cancer 5/26/05 leaving
two small children. A Sympathy Card was signed by attending players and mailed.  Wade Holder opened
the tournament with prayer.

Lynne Oliver vs Joe McClellan  backgrd:  Mike Ross vs Bill McClintock


Clint Pickard vs Trey Stanley  backgrd:  JR Smith vs Bill Stanley


Paul Dingler vs Teal Stanley backgrd: Glenda Dingler


Wade Holder - Fayetteville, NC vs AY Saul - Elon, NC


Fred Church vs Bob Rose


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