2005 North Carolina Open Checker Tournament
Travelodge Inn - Greensboro, NC - May 12, 13, & 14th, 2005

3-Move Restriction Style of Play-Swiss System of scoring.  7 rounds at 4 games per round.  This Ty will crown a new NC Champion, so with a group of good players who are closely matched we score the round as a mini-match between opponents and not scoring the 4 games; therefore, "winner-takes-all."
Tim Laverty - Scorekeeper

"Masters Score Sheet"

"Majors Score Sheet"

"Ty Pay-Out"


NCCA President, Cecil Lowe opened The 2005 NC State Open Checker Ty by asking
Larry Michael - District 4 Mgr to give the invocation.



The 2005 NC Open Checker Ty gets under way with a short business meeting, Cecil Lowe
thanks all the ty players for coming and recognizes the out of state players.



Clint Pickard discusses several topics in the business meeting
prior to Opening of The 2005 NC Open Checker Ty



Larry discusses magazine and newspaper articles, Bob Armstrong's Library,  2005 District 4
to be held in Hendersonville, NC and NC Checkers website mentioned. 




Alan Millhone, ACF President presents Les Balderson
the "Lifetime Achievement Award"



Plaque Reads:

American Checker Federation
and the
North Carolina Checker Association
present the
Lifetime Achievement Award

Lester Allen Balderson

on this day, May 14, 2005
for his lifetime commitment and dedicated service
to the grand old game

Les telling us how appreciative and surprised he is...


Les talking about past and present checkers...

This was a happy moment for all who attended...

Thank you for serving 17 years as ACF President and 4 years prior to that as ACF
Vice-President. A lifetime of continuous support, to District 4 and particularly to ODCA
& NCCA - (Virginia & North Carolina Checkers).  Les and Clint practically kept the
GAYP Nationals going in the 1970s. This Team promoted and preserved this style of
checkers.  The 1976 US GAYP Nat in Sanford, NC set the record for 114 breaking
the 1954 Lakeside, OH record of 94 players.

Tim using pairing cards to pull door prize
winners, and then following it
by pairing-up players for their 1st round of completive play.


JR and Majors' Group playing room


Bill Burnett vs Wade Holder

Bill McClintock vs Mike Ross
Bill is our 2005 Class B  N.C. Checker Champion

JR Smith vs AY Saul  in Majors' Group Playing room

Buck Smith vs Ben Jones

Paul Dingler vs Ken Shultz

Francesco LaRocca from Brooklyn, NYC

Buck Smith vs Mike Ross  Teal Stanley vs
Jeff Webster & other in Majors' Playing room

Michael Holmes vs Tim Laverty

Buck vs Mike  JR Smith front right corner

Bill McClintock vs Wade Holder

Elbert Lowder - Sanford, NC    Our 2005 N.C. Checker Champion

Tim Laverty vs Michael Holmes

JR Smith vs AY Saul  in Majors' Group Playing room

Gene Lindsay vs Tim Laverty

Master Players: Michael Holmes  - Alex Moiseyev World 3-Move Champ  - Alan Millhone  ACF President

Les vs Elbert  -  Michael vs Alex in Masters' Playing Room

Francesco LaRocca from Brooklyn, NYC and Alan who is taking him back to the Bus Station

Paul vs Ben

Bill vs Wade

Mike vs Buck

Ben vs Paul

Paul Dingler vs Ben Jones

Teal Stanley vs Jeff Webster   back    AY Saul vs Ken Shultz

Les Balderson vs Elbert Lowder

JR Smith vs AY Saul  in Majors' Group Playing room

Gene Lindsay vs Tim Laverty

James Lyles dropped by Saturday from reading Greensboro News & Record. 
Alan Millhone gave him a ACF bulletin and cap, he now plays occasionally
at Burlington Checker Club and with the Greensboro chess/checker group.

Smoke break outside in back of Travelodge

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