2005 North Carolina Open Checker Tournament
Travelodge Inn, 2112 W. Meadowview Road, Greensboro, NC - May 12, 13, & 14th, 2005

Position Name Address Score Honor Pts Comments
1 Alex Moiseyev Dublin, OH 24  

Tournament Winner

2 Gene Lindsay Morristown, TN 22    
3 Michael Holmes Louisville, KY 18    
4 Elbert Lowder Sanford, NC 14  

N.C. State Champion

5 Tim Laverty Mooresville, NC 12    
6 Les Balderson Richmond, VA 10 90

 This will be Les Balderson's last Ty

7 Alan Millhone Belpre, OH 10 68  
8 John Webster Stoneville, NC 2  

Withdrew - Daughter in Hospital

Elbert Lowder is the 2005 NC State
Checker Champion.  His 34th time
winning this State Title!

The NC Masters & Majors Champions are the winner of their respective division, if the top finishers are tied in match points, then honor points are used to separate finish position; otherwise, they are Co-Champions, or if the top finisher is a non-resident then the next highest place NC finisher below him is selected.  In the event of a single class tournament, the major winner is selected from the middle of the contestant field, if withdrawals subtracted, and if an odd number of contestants, then round up; otherwise, rounded down.  When the mid finisher is a non-resident then the next place NC finisher above him is selected. Only NC residences may be a NC State Championship title holder.

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