Missouri State Checker Tournament Results:
The Missouri State Checker Tournament will be held May 20th - 21st, Saturday & Sunday, 2006

in Green Lantern Senior Citizen's Center, Wentzville, Missouri on 506 S. Linn.

Our congratulations go to Gayle Helterbrand who won his first State Championship!!   Elie Solomon who came in 2nd in his first checker tournament - quite an accomplishment!   Taking 3rd was several times state Champion Bill Wethington.  Traveling the farthest was Francesco La Rocca all the way from New York, whom we were pleased to welcome him. Also attending his first tourney was Ted Chapman.  Chris Weiland resigned as MCA President after 11 years.  Thank you Chris for your hard work leading the MCA!  Taking Chris's place is Kim Willis who willingly consented to take the job.  Thank you, Kim, and we wish you all the best as you take over the MCA!  Prize Fund - donating from Roger Doll, Gene Rader, Bill Wethington, Wilma Wolverton, Francesco La Rocca, and the MCA.  Submitted by Wilma Wolverton

Congratulations Gayle!

2006 Missouri State Tournament Results:
5 rounds of 2-games played on Saturday and 2 rounds of 2-games played on Sunday

Finished Players Name & State Points Honor Pts Prize $ Comments
1 Gayle Helterbrand        MO      21   $100.00  His 1st Missouri State Championship Title!
2 Elie Solomon               MO    18 114 $75.00  His 1st Checker Tournament!
3 Bill Wethington            MO    18 109 $75.00  
4 Francesco La Rocca    NYC      17   $23.80  
5 Chris Weiland              MO      16   $22.40  
6 Wilma Wolverton          MO 15 110 $21.00  
7 Gene Rader                 MO      15 104 $21.00  
8 Bobby Smith                IL      14   $19.60  
9 Roger Doll                    IL      13   $18.20  
10 Kim Willis                    MO      12   $16.80  
11 Howard Hoover             IL      11   $15.40  
12 Jen Kelton                   MO        6   $9.00  
13 Ted Chapman              MO        4   $5.60 His 1st ty - withdrew end of 3rd round.
    Total $422.80  

5/22/2006 Cabool Enterprise Newspaper | Kim Willis Elected President of MCA | 2006 Tournament Dates