2006 Southern States  
The Southern States will be held July 6th - 9th , 2006 in Best Western - Executive Inn, Lebanon Tennessee. Best Western is located at Hwy 231 near I-40 (take Exit 238). Thursday, July 6, registration begins at 9:00 AM followed by a business meeting at 10:00 AM. Tournament play begins at 11:00 AM. Tournament will consist of 10 rounds: 3 rounds on Thursday, 3 rounds on Friday, 3 rounds on Saturday, and 1 rounds on Sunday. For reservations, call 1-615-444-0505 and tell them you are a checker player. Call early for reservations.  For more information please contact Frank Davis at 931-552-4246.


Congratulations Joe Schwartz!
2006 Southern Masters Champion

Congratulations Josh Armstrong!
2006 Southern Majors Champion

(below standings & score-sheets  from Richard Beckwith) 
  Southern States Open Checker Tournament        
  July 6-9, Lebanon, TN            
  There were 22 players, which participated in two divisions      
  A total prize fund of $1220 was given          
      by game     10 rounds, Round-robin plus 1 round Swiss
  MASTERS Pts Prize        
1 Joe Schwartz (FL) 27 $150   plus Cracker Barrel meal ticket for 2  
2 Gene Lindsay (TN) 25 $110   plus Cracker Barrel meal ticket for 2  
T3 Hugh Burton (TN) 24 $80        
T3 Larry Keen (TN) 24 $80        
5 Frank Davis (TN) 21 $60        
T6 Larry Pollard (AL) 20 $45        
T6 Arwood Smith (KY) 20 $45        
8 Roy Little (OK) 17 $25        
9 John Estes (TN) withdrew after 6 rounds        
  TOTAL     $595        
MAJORS Swiss, by game Pts Hon. Pts. Prize      
1 Josh Armstrong (AL) 25 199 $95 plus Cracker Barrel meal ticket for 2
2 Bill McClintock (NC) 25 197 $95 + Lebanon afghan  
3 Homer Rankhorn (TN) 23 200 $72.50      
4 Ralph Agee (TN) 23 195 $72.50      
T5 Hollis McClard (TN) 21 197 $60      
T5 Ken Schultz (TN) 21 197 $60      
7 Earl Harvell (TX) 20 191 $40      
8 Dallas Ramsey (AL) 20 158 $40      
9 Ken Christian (TN) 19   $25      
10 Gayle Helterbrand (MO) 18 191 $22.50      
11 Harvey Powell (TN) 18 188 $22.50      
12 Sanford Roath (TN) 12   $20      
13 Tommy Smith (TN) withdrew after 3 rounds        
  TOTAL       $625      
  There was no minor division            
There were a total of 22 players and a total prize fund of $1,220.00


  Southern States Open Checker Tournament                  
  July 6-9, Lebanon, TN                      
      by game Round-robin plus 1 round Swiss     3-move        
  MASTERS   Round 1 Round 2  Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10
1 Hugh Burton (TN)   2T3 3T5 5T8 7T10 9T12 BYE T15 8T18 2T20 4T22 4T24
2 Frank Davis (TN)   1T1 5T2 9T5 8T8 4T10 3T14 7T14 BYE T17 6T19 9T21
3 John Estes (TN)   4T0 1T2 7T2 BYE T5 6T6 2T6 …withdrew    
4  Larry Keen (TN)   3T4 7T6 BYE T9 6T12 2T14 5T16 9T18 8T20 1T22 1T24
5 Gene Lindsay (TN)   6T4 2T7 1T8 9T11 8T13 4T15 BYE T18 7T20 BYE T23 7T25
6 Roy Little (OK)   5T0 9T2 8T4 4T5 3T8 7T8 BYE T11 1T13 2T15 8T17
7 Joe Schwartz (FL)   8T2 4T4 3T8 1T10 BYE T13 6T17 2T21 5T23 9T25 5T27
8 Arwood Smith (KY)   7T2 BYE T5 6T7 2T8 5T10 9T12 1T13 4T15 BYE T18 6T20
9  Larry Pollard (AL)   BYE T3 6T5 2T6 5T7 1T9 8T11 4T13 BYE T16 7T18 2T20
MAJORS Swiss, by game   Round 1 Round 2  Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10
1 Ralph Agee (TN)   5T2 4T4 6T6 10T9 13T11 9T13 3T16 11T18 9T21 2T23
2 Josh Armstrong (AL)   10T3 7T5 9T7 6T10 11T13 3T16 5T18 9T21 6T23 1T25
3 Earl Harvell (TX)   4T2 13T5 11T8 5T12 9T13 2T14 1T15 7T16 7T19 9T20
4 Gayle Helterbrand (MO)   3T2 1T4 8T8 9T9 5T10 6T11 11T12 13T14 13T15 10T18
5 Hollis McClard (TN)   1T2 6T4 7T8 3T8 4T11 11T14 2T16 6T17 11T18 13T21
6 Bill McClintock (NC)   7T2 5T4 1T6 2T7 8T11 4T14 9T16 5T19 2T21 11T25
7 Harvey Powell (TN)   6T2 2T4 5T4 7T6 10T8 13T10 8T13 3T16 3T17 8T18
8 Dallas Ramsey (AL)   11T0 10T3 4T3 8T5 6T5 10T8 7T9 10T13 10T17 7T20
9 Homer Rankhorn (TN)   12T4 11T6 2T8 4T11 3T14 1T16 6T18 2T19 1T20 3T23
10 Sanford Roath (TN)   2T1 8T2 BYE T5 1T6 7T8 8T9 13T11 8T11 8T11 4T12
11  Ken Schultz (TN)   8T4 9T6 3T7 13T11 2T12 5T13 4T16 1T18 5T21 6T21
12 Tommy Smith (TN)   9T0 BYE T3 13T3 …withdrew          
13 Ken Christian (TN)   BYE T2 3T3 12T7 11T7 1T9 7T11 10T13 4T15 4T18 5T19
  Prepared by Frank Davis, re-typed by RCB                    
  No Minors Division                      

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