The Des Moines Register   September 1, 2007

(The Iowa State Fair runs Aug. 9 to Aug.19. - Location: East 30th and University Avenue, Des Moines, IA  50317)

Norwalk, Brooklyn youths win at checkers


September 1, 2007   


Young checker players from across the Midwest gathered to compete in the Youth Checkers Tournament on Aug. 17 at the Iowa State Fair. 

Nicholas Eltjes of Norwalk bested 10 other players to win the competition in the 6- to 12-year-old category.

Houston Holder of Brooklyn won the 13- to 18-year-old championship.

Checkers competition results follow:

Ages 6 - 12
1) Nicholas Eltjes, Norwalk
2) Zach Cegielski, Stillwater, MN
3) Megan Gibbons, Johnston
4 tie) Alex Barton, West Des Moines
4 tie) Eian Barnett, Greenfield
5 tie) Andrew Ehler, Urbandale
5 tie) Ethan Spoerry, Dexter
5 tie) Dylan Durr, Montezuma
9 tie) Tiffany Thompson, LeGrand
9 tie) Sheona Barnett, Greenfield
10) Max Manning, Larkspur, CA

Ages 13 -18
1) Houston Holder, Brooklyn
2) Matt Gibbons, Johnston

Story City player wins fair's chess competition


September 1, 2007