Missouri State 3-Move Open Checker Tournament


The Missouri State 3-Move Open Checker Tournament
will be held April 28th - 29th, 2007

in Wentzville, Mo.


The Missouri State 3-Move Tournament will be held at the Green Lantern Senior Citizen's Center, 506 S. Linn Street.  Register at 8:00am Saturday morning: play will start at 9:00am. Five rounds on Saturday and two rounds. on Sunday.  "Expert, "A" and "B" (if needed). We will have a short business meeting Saturday afternoon. $250.00 has been pledged to the prize fund. There will also be Door prizes that Wal-Mart has donated. Directions: if coming from the East on I-70, take Exit 210, from West take 208.  Stay on main St. and look for S. Lynn which crosses the RR tracks.  Motels: Budget Inn, 1258 Continental Dr. ph 636-639-1987.  Howard Johnson, Continental Dr. ph 636-327-5218. Villager's Lodge, 404 N.B. Rt. 61, ph 636-327-6263.  Contributions solicited for prize fund.

For more information please contact Gene Rader - sponsor. Ph 636-240-6032. 

Submitted By: Kim Willis

13 hours - 812 miles from Greensboro to Wentzville, MOSee MapQuest


Congratulations !

Michael Holmes

George Cook


Missouri State 3-Move Open Checker Tournament

Green Lantern Senior Citizen's Center - Wentzville, MO April 28-29, 2007


“Expert” Class          
Name                            St.    Pts.     H. Pts. Cash Comment
Michael Holmes IN 24   $65.00  Winner of Tournament!
George Cook MO 19 128 $65.00  2007 Missouri State Champion!
Bill Wethington MO 19 121 $45.00  late entry - started in 3rd round
David Dittman MO 17   $25.50  
Gayle Helterbrand  MO 16 109 $20.50  
Gordon White MO 16 96 $15.50  
Keith Wait MO 16 92 $10.50  
sub-total       $247.00  
“A” Class          
Roger Hampton * MO 15 109 $45.00  Missouri "A" Class Champion!
Wilma Wolverton MO 15 82 $35.00  
Roger Doll IL 14 102 $25.00  
Bobby Smith IL 14 98 $20.00  
Gene Rader MO 14 90 $15.00  
Chris Weiland* MO   8    $10.00  withdrew after 4th round
Richard Brownfield*   MO 5   $7.50  withdrew after 4th round
Jen Kelton IL 4   $5.00  
sub-total       $162.50  
TOTAL PRIZE FUND       $409.50  

Congratulations to Michael Holmes on winning the tournament!
George Cook is the new Missouri Champion!, winning the title for the second time.
Bill Wethington came in 3rd Round,  just a few honor points behind George.
*Chris Weiland and *Richard Brownfield withdrew after the  4th round.
* Roger Hampton won the "A" Class Missouri Championship.
We thank Gene Rader for sponsoring the tournament, and Bobby and Louise Smith for furnishing delicious sandwiches
for everyone, and thanks to Roger Doll and Maxine Helterbrand for helping run the tournament.
Visiting for the first time and joining MCA was Gordon White. Welcome Gordon!
Donating to the prize fund were Gene Rader, Bill Wethington, Wilma Wolverton, Michael Holmes, Bobby Smith,
Jen Kelton, Roger Doll, George Cook, and the MCA.
Kim Willis sent four Wal-Mart gift certificates which were given for door prizes. Thank You Kim, and Thank You Wal-Mart!
At our business meeting we elected a new Vice-President, Gene Rader, Thanks, Gene.
Official Results submitted by Wilma Wolverton - email 4/30/2007.

Greensboro to Wentzville, MO - 12hrs, 26mins, and  790miles   See MapQuest



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