Here is the picture of Tom Wiswell playing a blindfold game in Madisonville in the late 50's or early 60's.  Mr. Wiswell is, of course, is the one facing away from the group.  He is playing Cyrus Harris, standing and wearing a straw hat, who was a Madisonville attorney.  Mr. Fred Jones is moving the checkers for Mr. Wiswell.  Others pictured are Bill Hall, Greeley Gibson, Smokey Cansler, Onie White, Floyd Moody, B. Nelson, ? Stoner, and one unknown.  The game was played in the old Madisonville High School Library and ended in a tie.
     I hope that you will enjoy this picture. 

Mike Choate
from beautiful Southeast Tennessee

Southeast TN Checkers - Madisonville Checkers Club

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