2010 Virginia State Open Checker 3-Move Tournament
"The 93rd Annual Old Dominion Checker Association Virginia State Open Tournament" 
Friday & Saturday - September 17th & 18th 2010
at Super 8, Bedford, Virginia 24523

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Congratulations to John Webster
wins Virginia Open!

Congratulations to Bill Salot
as 2010 Virginia State Champion

 Official Crosstable
2010 Virginia Open
3-Move Single Division
   September 17 & 18, 2010
 8 - 2GmRds  (Scored by Round ) - Swiss             





Name, City, State



Rd 1

Rd 2

Rd 3 Rd 4

Rd 5

Rd 6

Rd 7 Rd 8




1 IM John Webster, Stoneville, NC 101015 2357 4T3 7T7 11T11 3T14 2T16 3T20 2T23 BT23



 Wins Tournament

2 Bill Salot, Colonial Heights, VA 101397 2088 3T0 8T4 5T7 12T11 1T13 8T17 1T18 4T21

21 - 133

$40.00  2010 Virginia State Champion (2 in a row)
3 Teal Stanley, Greensboro, NC 101107 2129 2T4 5T7 6T11 1T12 4T14 1T14 7T17 5T20

20 - 139

4 Mike Ross, Burlington, NC 101103 2000 1T1 12T4 9T8 11T12 3T14 5T15 5T18 2T19

19 - 129

5 Bill McClintock, Greensboro, NC 101109 1968 8T4 3T5 2T6 6T9 11T13 4T16 4T17 3T18

18 - 130

6 Ted Taylor, North Tazewell, VA 101287 1789 7T1 10T5 3T5 5T6 12T8 11T10 10T13 13T17

17 - 109

7 Buck Smith, Millboro, VA 101113 1885 6T3 1T3 12T5 9T8 8T8 13T12 3T13 11T15

15 - 116

$13.75  4 way Split (7 thru 10 place) $20,$15,$10,$10=$55/4
8 Trey Stanley, Greensboro, NC 101189 1551 5T0 2T0 13T4 BT7 7T11 2T11 9T13 9T15

15 - 114

9 J.R. Smith, Greensboro, NC 101124 1717 10T4 11T4 4T4 7T5 10T9 12T11 8T13 8T15

15 - 108

10 Tom Taylor, Princeton, WV unrated   9T0 6T0 BT3 13T7 9T7 BT10 6T11 12T15

15 - 91

$13.75  This was Tom Taylor's 1st Checker Tournament
11 James Atkins, Julian, NC 101384 1665 13T4 9T8 1T8 4T8 5T8 6T10 12T12 7T14

14 - 119

12 Bill Stanley, Greensboro, NC 101214 1587 BT3 4T4 7T6 2T6 6T8 9T10 11T12 10T12

12 - 116

13 Lovetta Currence, Bluefield, WV unrated   11T0 BT3 8T3 10T3 BT6 7T6 BT9 6T9


  TOTALS:                       $260.00  

Congratulations to IM John Webster for winning the 2010 Virginia Open and Bill Salot for winning the 2010 Virginia State Championship. GM stands for Grand Master, IM for International Master, and CM for Candidate Master, which are earned titles given to distinguish players by WCDF.  Buck Smith - Tournament Director & Referee/Scorekeeping opened Friday morning business meeting. The Old Dominion Checker Association elected Buck Smith as President and Ted Taylor as Vice-President, with Buck continuing as State Tournament Director for 2011. T separates player's opponent from player's accumulated game points. (win=2, draw=1, loss=0, bye=3)  Ratings from WCDF January/June 2010 - No. 6   Ted Taylor handcrafted two nice mahogany checker boxes and gave them to Buck Smith and JR Smith. Bill Salot brought several sheets of his checker problems and whoever was 1st to solve any one of them won a classic checker book until books were gone.  John Webster won the 1st book, he chose as his prize Oldbury's problem book, "The Hand of D. E. O.", 1947.  Several other books left over were raffle off Saturday evening which Trey Stanley won a Tom Wiswell book and JR Smith won a Modern Magic book No7A.  Mike Ross brought a couple pounds of his organically grown muscadines & scuppernongs for the players to enjoy their ripe smell, sweet full flavor, and distinct taste of this native American grape of the Southeastern states. *John Webster accumulated 23 points by the 7th round and no one could catch him so Tournament Director elected to give him a bye on the last round and declared Webster the winner of the tournament, by doing so this left a balanced finish match for the top 4 remaining contenders. The Total Cash Prize: $260.00  We welcome Tom Taylor to his first checker tournament, he is a brother to Ted, Fred, and Lovetta.  Lovetta Currence and Tom Taylor also joined ACF and purchased a full year membership. This was a fun tournament, weather was two nice Indian summer days, most players enjoyed dinner and fellowship in Bedford Friday evening. Everyone had a great time!

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