2010 WCDF 3-Move World Qualifying Tournament 

The 2010 WCDF 3-Move World Qualification Tournament will be held October 27th - 30th, 2010  (Wed-Sat) in Radisson Hotel at Dublin Airport, Ireland.  A bid has been accepted from the Irish Draughts Association to host the 2010 Qualifying Tournament at the “Radisson Hotel” at Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland, from Wednesday 27th to Saturday 30th October 2010. (The Irish Open will be held at the same venue from Saturday 23rd Oct 2010, to Tuesday 26th Oct 2010, with the Qualifier 2010 immediately following the Irish Open.)

This Qualifying Tournament will be played over 8 rounds. There will be no entry fee if a player is nominated by a member association of the World Checkers & Draughts Federation. The winner will be the Official Challenger to play the holder, Alex Moiseyev, in a World 3-Move Title Match during 2011. There may also be Ladies & Youths sections played at the same venue. But this is dependant on the numbers of entries.

Wednesday, 27.10.10: First Round 10 am. Second Round 3 pm.
Thursday, 28.10.10: Third Round 10 am. Fourth Round 3 pm.
Friday, 29.10.10: Fifth Round 10 am. Sixth Round 3 pm.
Saturday, 30.10.10: Seventh Round 10 am. Eighth Round 3 pm.

Single Rooms in the Radisson: €75 per person per night including breakfast.
Double Rooms in the Radisson: €95 per room per night including breakfast.

The first ten players in the Qualifying Tournament will be given €100 each. The overall winner will be the official challenger to play Alex Moiseyev for the World (3 Move) Championship title in 2011. In the event of the winner declining this opportunity, the next highest finishing player will become the challenger. The person who plays Alex Moiseyev for the world title will receive a bonus payment of €2,000 (approx US $2,900 at today’s exchange rate) from the I.D.A. after the match is concluded. It is also intended to host a Women’s and Youth event subject to entries.

[Note that Qualifying Tournaments are limited to two nominations per federation, (in good standing with WCDF dues), per division of play. Any interested women and youth players should contact ACF Exec about their possible participation. -- RCB]

For more information please contact Sean Phillips at seanphil@gofree.indigo.ie

2010 World Qualifier

Final list of Official nominations for the
"Overall" 3-Move Qualifiers 2010

Barbados (BDA): Jack Francis

Czech Republic: Filip Kareta
Jaroslav Tichy

Denmark: Sune Thrane

England: Tony Boyle
Anthony Rose

Germany (IGDD): Igor Martynov
Thomas Wien

Ireland (IDA): Frank Moran,
Garrett Owens
Paddy Doyle

Ireland (NFD): Francis McNally
John McElhone

Ireland (NWDF): Shane McCosker
Myles Hannigan

Israel: Michael Shabshai
Vitaly Shafir

Italy: Roberto Tovagliaro
Michele Borghetti

Scotland: Danny Oliphant
Colin Young

Turkmenistan: Bagtiyar Durdyev
Bashim Durdyev

USA (ACF): Michael Holmes
Jim Morrison

USA (ACF): Joe Schwartz

USA (ICHF): Charles Freeman
John Webster

Wales: Lindus Edwards
John Morgan

WCDF: Ron King
Amangul Duryeva

Ladies QT DUBLIN 2010:
Wilma Branch….(BAR)
Jan Mortimer(…..NZ)
Toyeva Hermangul ..(Turkmenistan)
Kim Willis ….(USA)

Kieran Bradley (NWDF) IRELAND
Maksat Durdyev(TURKMENISTAN)
Gochakov Gochmyrat(TURKMENISTAN)

John Reade, WCDF Secretary, 13 October 2010
by Tommy Canning via ACF Forum -Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:42 pm

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