2012 Annual Mid-Ohio Checker Meet
Friday & Saturday, August 17th  and August 18th  2012
The Annual Mid-Ohio Checker Meet will be held at Crist & Rosanna Miller's home at 10250 S. Kansas Road, Fredericksburg, Ohio 44627 (
map ).  Friday & Saturday, August 17th and August 18th.  Registration opens at 5:30, we will begin at 6:00 p.m. the evening of the 17th and continuing into Saturday.  This year we play GAYP, (We switch every other year between GAYP and 3-Move Restriction).  We will play 6 Rounds of Swiss (1 1/2 hours per 2 game round). Saturday play starts at 9:00am. Snacks & drinks provided with free lunch on Saturday. For more information, contact Crist Miller, coordinator at 330-359-7877 or 330-857-0228 or fax: 330-359-7878 or Crosco@pcfreemail.com  We will play in one of the large building beside or behind Crist's home.

New Place: 10250 S. Kansas Road, Fredericksburg, OH 44627. (although in the country, Google Maps had no trouble finding it with Fredericksburg, Dalton, OH 44627)
Time: Play starts at 6 PM on Friday evening, playing 3 rounds August 17, and continue playing 3 more rounds Saturday morning, concluding about 3 PM Saturday. 
Format: Six rounds of GAYP, three on each day, two games each round.
Entry fee: $20; all proceeds go to the Ohio Crippled Children's Fund. In previous years the top prize has been handmade furniture. (wall clock, table, stool, etc.)
Notes: Expect a good Amish participation and some with master talent.  The playing facility has a shower (bring your own towels), a kitchen with a fridge and microwave, and plenty of concrete/carpeted floorspace for players who want to camp out or bring air mattresses. Plenty of private space to pitch a tent. The nearest hotels are in Wooster (about 16 miles / 26 minutes northwest) and Orrville (about 13 miles / 27 minutes north), also Crist indicated that, "there are players from the local area who would be happy to be the host to an overnight guest as well."  Dalton about the same distance but no hotel.
Future Tourney Dates: The Annual Ohio Checker Meet decided to schedule their future tournaments on the third Friday & Saturday of  August.
Good places to get breakfast
: Mrs.Yoder's Kitchen, 8101 State Route 241, Mount Hope, OH  Tel: 330-674-0922 (7am-8pm) about 4 miles / 7 minutes SSW. GPS & mail address use Millersburg, OH 44654

Greensboro, NC to Fredericksburg, OH   (8hrs/455miles)

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