Cedarock Park  

 "Preserving Our Heritage Festival"

The Burlington Checker Club participated in the Alamance Co. Cedarock Park - "Preserving Our Heritage Festival" 
Saturday, August 25th, 2012  9am - 5pm

Fair Attendance - Everyone enjoy this fun, family-friendly event.


Earlier this week the Burlington newspaper stated the C & J Bluegrass Band from Mebane would be at Cedarock Park - "Preserving Our Heritage Festival."  This years attendance was a little disappointing, may by because it was cloudy that morning and some chance of scattered showers; however, the temperature was nice that morning and around 75 - 80 degrees by noon, sun shining and a light breeze, a very nice day. The Heritage Festival was advertised as a Saturday, one day event, schedule for the public from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Vendors, Exhibitors, and participants where smaller and so was the general festival attendance as compared to past festivals. 

I called Mike Ross around 8 AM Saturday morning telling him I was at the beach and wouldn't be there but I had talked to Tim Laverty who was planning to attend and help out at the Burlington Checker Club exhibit.  Bobby Gerringer from Pittsboro, and the Stanleys, Glenn Fuquay, Grover Minor, and Bill McClintock from Greensboro wouldn't be there because of prior commitments. Mike is the past president of Alamance County Beekeepers Association and serving as V Pres. this year. He has served in other offices and director of most of their public exhibitions. He and others arrive early to set up the bee cage and their exhibit in addition to helping out with the Burlington Checker Club exhibit display which is beside the beekeepers. I want to let him know Tim would be there and helping set up a couple of table and plenty of chairs.  There would be checkerboards set up to welcome any and all who would like to try their hand at a game of checkers, "The Grand Ole Game" which fits nicely into the "Preserving Our Heritage Festival" theme.

I understand Mike and Tim played some interesting games and welcomed pickup games with the festival public as attendance passed along the runway throughout the day, and slowed down by early afternoon, bring the finish earlier that past years.  Terry Isley, park manager: call 570-6759 for more information.

The food vendors, and the C & J Bluegrass Band was especially good, as organizers usually selects a great gospel / bluegrass band for this Heritage Festival.  There were some antique cars, tractors, and the "hit & miss" engine folks that show every year, but not as many as years past.  Most of the usual setups and displays were there.  I understand they keep adding buildings, a new public restroom facility was completed last year and open for use.  A historical farm museum building was added some years ago to the John and Polly Garrett Historical Farm grounds and the park is very nice and an ideal location for this festival.

Mike & Tim tell me they stay until early afternoon as the crowd was light, and the festival ended early, so that wrapped up checkers for the festival this year.  Hopefully next year we will be there in good numbers, with canopy tents, banner, display, and the works.

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