(IMSA) announces “The 2nd World Mind Sports Games”
to be held August 9th through 23rd 2012 in Lille, France

more information soon


Ingo Zachos posted on facebook "CHECKERS" 12:05 April 12, 2012

         Ingo Zachos   The FMJD website of the WMSG in Lille is online:  http://wmsgfmjd.org/ 

   2nd World Mind Sport Games  |  Lille, Grand Palais 9-23 of August 2012


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email from Hugh Devlin - Wed, April 4, 2012 - Reporting on 2nd World Mind Sports Games   Hugh Devlin's Letter 

Short email from Richard Beckwith - Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 6:32 PM:

Yes, checkers will have a place in Lille in August, including a second division for woman's championship (traditional match system for women will end this year). US can send ~40 players and officials but we are limited on how many we can send. Hugh Devlin is working on details, but we may play Aug. 17, 18, 20, 21, 22. We also hope to be part of Sport Accord in Beijing in December 2012, but demonstration event only has room for 4 players + 1 official. But it could be a $5000 prize fund with expenses paid, if IMSA supports the FMJD's request for checkers to be present.

World Mind Sports Games 2012  (2nd WMSG)

The 2nd World Mind Sports Games will take place at Lille, France, from 9th – 23rd August 2012. The game of Draughts (Checkers) will have two events running simultaneously – a men’s event and a women’s event. Registration is Thursday, August 16th. Play Aug. 17-22 (19th is free day). These events will be run over 9 rounds using 3-move openings.  Hotel (Lille, Grand Palais) & venue information is found at: http://wmsgfmjd.org/

The WCDF Executive Board has agreed to nominate the 2nd World Mind Sports Games 2012 to double as the World Qualification Tournament 2012. In each of these events the top three players will receive a World Mind Sports Games Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal. In the men’s division the winner will be recognized as the next challenger to the World (3 Move) Championship Match title currently held by Alex Moiseyev (USA). In addition the WCDF will offer a prize fund as follows; 1st €1,000, 2nd €500, 3rd €250, 4th €100, 5th €100, 6th €100.

The women’s event will double as the 1st Women’s (3 Move) Championship Tournament where the winner will be recognized as the Women’s World (3 Move) Champion 2012, as agreed at the GA meeting San Remo, Italy, last year. In addition the WCDF will offer a prize fund as follows; 1st €600, 2nd €350, 3rd €200, 4th €100.

This is a restricted-field event, and participants must be nominated by their country’s federation. The U.S. will be represented by Jim Morrison, Richard Beckwith, Charles Freeman, and Kim Willis.

If space permits…
Other 2012 World Title Matches. The World GAYP Women’s Championship Match between defending champion Amangul Berdiyeva (Turkmenistan) and challenger Erika Rosso (Italy) will take place in Italy during 2012. Finals arrangements (dates) are currently being agreed. The 11-man Ballot World Title Match between champion Alex Moiseyev (USA) and Richard Beckwith (USA) will likely be played in Ohio in second half of 2012. More details later. Individual donations to either match will be welcomed. Contact any member of WCDF Executive Board.

2012 Tournament Dates