78th Illinois 101 Counties Open Tournament
(Usually scheduled 1st weekend in October)

October 6th & 7th, 2012, Illinois Centre Mall Food Court, Marion, IL 62959

Gary Ellison 2010 IL101 clip.JPG (29518 bytes)

Congratulations, Gary!
Wins 2012 IL 101Open & IL 101 Class A Champ
Single Division, One Day Round Robin, 3-Move Ballot - October 6, 2012 - Illinois Centre Mall Food Court, Marion, IL
Finish Player City, State  ACF #  Before
 Rd1 Rd2  Rd3  Rd4  RD5  Rd6  Rd7  Pts  Prize Comments
1  Gary Ellison  Eldorado, IL 10121 1908 1935 2T2 5T3 3T2 8T4 4T4 7T4 6T4 23 $105.00  2012 IL 101 Class A Champion
2  Gene Ellison  Norris City, IL 10133 1888 1881 1T2 3T2 5T2 6T2 7T4 4T4 8T4 20 $80.00  
3  John Grisley  Marion, IL 10128 1805 1809 5T2 2T2 1T2 4T2 8T4 6T2 7T4 18 $60.00  
4  Flavious Burgess  Fancy Farm, KY 10129 1749 1736 7T4 6T4 8T4 3T2 1T0 2T0 5T2 16 $50.00  2012 IL 101 B Open Tournament Champion
5  Bryce Morville  Dalton City, IL 12662 1700 1678 3T2 1T1 2T2 7T1 6T1 8T4 4T2 13 $30.00  Tied Pts  2012 IL 101 B Co-Champions
5  Earl Kennell  Roanoke, IL 10195 1574 1616 8T4 4T0 7T2 2T2 5T3 3T2 1T0 13 $30.00  Tied Pts  2012 IL 101 B Co-Champions
7  Howard Hoover  Odin, IL 10115 1590


4T0 8T4 6T2 5T3 2T0 1T0 3T0 9 $20.00  
8  Jennifer Kelton  Mt. Vernon, IL 10072 1090 1078 6T0 7T0 4T0 1T0 3T0 5T0 2T0 0 $15.00  

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Earl Kennell 2010 IL101 clip.JPG (27077 bytes)

Congratulations, Bryce!
2012 IL 101Class B Co-Champion

Congratulations, Earl!
2012 IL 101Class B Co-Champion

The 78th Illinois 101 Counties Tournament was held in Marion, IL on October 6th, 2012. We had a good tournament but few people showed up. Smallest 101 tournament that I know of. Eight players plus Jerry Childers came as a guest, but did not play. After discussions, we formed a single division to play a rounds-robin, 7 rounds on Saturday, making this a one day tournament. Total cash prize of $390.00 was distributed.

Gary Ellison won the A class and is both the Illinois 101 Champion and the Tournament Champion.

In the B Class Bryce Morville and Earl Kennel were the Illinois 101 B Class Co-Champions, by selecting the middle tied finishers. Congratulation to these winners!

Ratings from ACF Rating Processor, Joe Moore - Submitted by Gene Ellison via email Sat, Oct 6, 2012 at 9:21 PM - I'm mailing you a copy of the tournament Monday morning, 10/7/2012. 

The IL Master and Major Champions are the winner of their respective division, if top finishers are tied in match or game points, then honor points are used to separate finish position; otherwise, they are Co-Champions, or if the top finisher is a non-resident then the next place IL finisher below him is selected. In the event of a single division/class tournament, the Majors winner is selected from the middle of the contestant field, less withdrawals, if the contestant field is odd this mid number is rounded down, if no withdrawals, then the mid number is still rounded down (fraction dropped). When the mid finisher is a non-resident then the next place IL finisher below him is selected. 

Only IL residences may be a IL State Championship title holder or a 101 State Champion. When an out of state player wins an IL open tournament the player is recognized as the "Open Tournament Winner." The Illinois 101 Counties Tournament was founded in the 1920s for downstate checker players at a time when players from Chicago, Illinois dominated the Illinois checker scene with several active checker clubs and also home of such checker greats as Alfred Jordan, Joe Duffy, S.S. Bell, G. M. Tanner and Frank R. Wendemuth.

The state of Illinois has 102 counties. Excluding Chicago’s Cook County gives us the name, Illinois 101 Counties Tournament. The first 101 Counties Tourney was in February 19 thru 20, 1926 the "Illinois Down State Tournament" was held at Champaign with H.H. Lewis winning the title. In 1977 the tournament became an open tournament for all players. This paragraph was submitted by Roger Doll, Secretary/Treasurer, 101 Tournament.

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