Kenny Miller's Checker Meet

 held at Kenny Miller's home, Middleburg, IN - Monday, July 23rd, 2012
Kenny Miller's Home, 10070 W. 050 N., Middlebury, IN 46540  (map)

     I was informed by Crist Miller that most of the nearby Amish players were notified of a checker get-together to be held in Lagrange County, Middleburg, Indiana at Kenny Miller's home on Monday evening, July 23rd, 2012. We will used the 3-move opening cards. Christ may be contacted at 330-359-7877 or email at 

  "We just played mostly Amish players against ourselves. Eleven checker enthusiasts got together on Monday evening, July 23, 2012, for an informal tournament at the home of Kenny Miller in Lagrange County, Indiana, and the host was also the top scorer. Four players completed the round-robin schedule, but some had to leave early and not all the match-ups took place as the hour grew late. The ladies of the house brought tasty refreshments to the players including root beer floats.  The unofficial tally showed Miller on top with 31 points, Pete Schmucker second at 22, and Keith Hershberger third at 21. Keith missed playing 3 opponents, however, and might have scored more if time had permitted.
No  Player  Points
1  Kenny Miller 31
2  Pete Schmucker 22
3  Keith Hershberger 21
4  Wilbur Yoder 20
5  Marvin Yoder 18
6  Ray Yoder 15
7  Lowayne Yoder 13
8  Lonnie Lambright 12
9  Eli Raber 9
10  Jerry Yoder 6
11  Roger Blaine 5

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