23rd  Annual Mayberry Days - September 27-30, 2012 Mount Airy, North Carolina

Mayberry Days is the annual celebration of the anniversary of "The Andy Griffith Show." It's held the last weekend in September. Visit: http://mayberrydays.org/ for more info!

The Andy Griffith Playhouse & Andy Griffith Museum is Located at 218 Rockford Street, Mount Airy, NC 27030 (Map )    http://www.visitmayberry.com/

The 23rd Annual Mayberry Days starts Thursday, September 27, 2012 and runs through Sunday, September 30th.

Checkers Tournament Saturday, September 29th. - Checkers Tournament Sign-up, Mayberry Days Information Station (8:00am-11:00am), Front of Andy Griffith Playhouse.  CHESTER JONES CHECKERS COMPETITION / 12 Noon - 3:00 pm hosted by Dennis Beal and the “Mayberry” chapter of TAGSRWC ("The Andy Griffin Show" Rerun Watchers Club). Sign up to play in the tournament at the information station (Free! - No entry Fee). The tournament is a round robin and the trophy winner is the player who wins the most games.

2012 Results:

Travis Weddle 9-2011.jpg (41463 bytes)

Congratulations to Travis Weddle from Roanoke, VA  for winning the 2012 Mayberry Days Checker Trophy!

Travis email me his comments about the tournament, "JR, If I recall correctly, there were about 12 players who signed up for the tournament. It was a single elimination style tournament. Unfortunately it was not very well organized and I ended up playing four opponents before Mike (vs opponent unknown) and Gordan vs Lee were finished on their first round! Mike and I played twice in the tournament. We played a 9-14 opening on our first match up to a draw. Then I went on to play the only other remaining player, Lee. I played the red-side of the Single Corner to a win and was paired up with Mike again for the championship game. We played 11-16 24-19 and I was able to score a win on it."

 Hobart Jones' 2012 Checker Photos:

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