2012 Texas State & District 8 Tournament
District 8 contains States: Arkansas, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and their District 8 Manager: Faye Harvell

The Texas Tournament was held June 15th & 16th (Friday & Saturday) at the Super 8 Motel,
910 N. Central Expressway (on Highway 75), McKinney, TX 75069 (map) Phone # 972-548-8880

" In memory of Earl Harvell & Earle Sweatmon "

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Earl Harvell

Earl's plaque

Earle Sweatmon


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Congratulations! Ed King
2012 Texas State & District 8 Champion


Single Division 3-Move / Seven 2 game rounds (Swiss) of 2hrs per round (1 hour games) - played 5 Friday & 2 rounds Saturday
2012 TX State & D8 Open                        

By Round, 2Gm, Swiss, Single Division

  before after                    

 Name - City, State




Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Pt - HPt Cash Comments
1 Ed King - Graham, TX 10118



6T4 2T8 5T11 4T15 3T18 8T21 2T23 23 $75

 2012 Texas State & D8 Champ

2 Eric Strange - Colorado Springs, CO 12345



10T4 1T4 3T7 5T10 6T13 4T15 1T17 17 $65  
3 CM Albert Tucker - Minden, LA 10127



4T2 4T4 2T5 10T9 1T10 9T14 5T16 16 $50


4 Patrick Parker - Amite, LA 10065



9T3 3T5 8T7 1T7 7T10 3T12 8T15 15-101 $35

 split $60  (repaired twice)

5 Hugh Hawkins - Howe, TX 10077



3T2 7T6 1T7 2T8 9T11 6T13 3T15 15-100 $25


6 Steve Graham - Odessa, TX 10075



1T0 10T3 7T6 8T9 2T10 5T12 7T14 14-94 $20

 split $35

7 Ted Williamson - Kenova, WV 10024



8T3 5T3 6T4 9T7 4T8 10T12 6T14 14-77 $15


8 Elbert Jones - Carthage, TX 10038



7T1 9T4 4T6 6T7 10T9 1T10 4T11 11 $15  
9 Mike Molamphy  - Baytown, TX 12667



4T1 8T2 10T2 7T3 5T4 3T4 10T8 8 $10  
10 Lester Binnick - Houston, TX 12515



2T0 6T1 9T5 3T5 8T7 7T7 9T7 7 $10  


Entry Fee $20 x 10 = $200 + $120 contributions (Faye Mounger $100 & Ted Williamson $20) Total Prize Fund $320.00

  • Congratulations! to Ed King of Graham, TX as the 2012 Texas State Champion. Ed has won the Texas Championship ever year since Professor H. L. Cravens, Jr. of Brownwood died in 1994, excluding the three years which Rupert Boeselt won it in 2004 & 2005, and no TX Tourney in 2006.  Ed is also the new 2012 District 8 Champion.

  • Congratulations! to Eric Strange and Albert Tucker as 2nd and 3rd Place Runner-ups.

  • Congratulations! to Mike Molamphy of Baytown, TX as his first ACF Tournament.

  • A little checker history... Rupert Boeselt, a cotton farmer from Westphalia, became the Texas State Checker Champion when he beat nine-time winner Dr. H. L. Cravens of Brownwood in a two-hour match at the Texas State Tournament in Forth Worth on March 6-8, 1965.  Dr. Cravens conceded with eight checkers still on the board!  Boeselt of Lott, TX won again in 1987, followed by HL Cravens, Ed King, Earl Sweatmon, Earl Harvell, and Paul Fondren & Doyle Brownlee tied.  Back then Texas State was a closed Tourney.
  • Our condolences go out the two Texas players that were lost since our last tournament. They will be greatly missed! Earl Harvell died 5/30/2011 and Earle Sweatmon died 2/5/2012.

  • Faye Mounger welcomed all players in the pre-tournament meeting.  We voted on repairing only in the last round. Next year's TX/D8 dates were set for June 7 & 8th, 2013.

  • ACF Rating - June 2012 before this tournament, ratings supplied by ICH Checkers www.icheckers.net. Program written by Vadim Khavinson, calculated by Joe Moore/Eric Strange, and updated by ACF Rating Processor, Joe Moore. icheckers ratings Your new rating will be available in a few days after Joe Moore updates and recalculates this scoresheet.

  • "T" separates player's opponent from player's accumulated game points. Draw is 1, Win is 2 points, Bye is 3, and Forfeit is 4.
  • Mike Molamphy was unrated before he played in this tournament so he was put into the system as a 1600 base average rating, he will + or - according to his performance with other rated players.  An unrated player is considered provisional for the first 20 games and 1600 was the average ACF rating when Eric Strange took over the old Dave Butler rating system and started this new rating program.
  • Tournament Director required an entry fee of $20 and a current ACF membership to play this Texas & District 8 tournament.  Entry Fees of $200 plus $120 contributions = Total Prize Fund which was displayed in playing room. All membership dues where collected and sent to ACF Treasurer Kim Willis.
  • Seven new ACF memberships were collected, one had already renewed, and two life-time memberships made this tournament a fully supporting ACF Tournament.

  • We want to thank Faye Mounger, our District 8 manager for her sponsor/directorship of this tournament.  Faye has done a great job since she took over the TX/D8 in 2007.  We also want to thank Carol Williamson as our referee and scorekeeper for a job well done.

  • The tournament provided Big Time Texas Hospitality... food, fun, friendship, & plenty of tough competition.

  • Faye Mounger, Hugh, & Judy Hawkins furnished the delicious meals and desserts for Friday and Saturday. You can't beat this home cooking!

  • Super 8 fixed their "Texas" waffle iron! Eat a big golden brown Texas shape waffle is a breakfast treat.

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