2012 Western PA Open
November 17th, 2012, Eppinger Gas Station Potersville, PA 16051

This is in northwestern Pa. near the Ohio state line. Anyone interested should contact Neil Wenberg, because it is only a proposed tournament right now, so to make it happen we need to call Neil Wenberg and let him know you will be attending. Apparently Neil has everything set up, nice big playing room is free, so all we need is enough players to have it a respectable tournament.   Read Forum thread on proposed ty  


Proposed 2012 Western Pennsylvania Open Checker Tournament


I am proposing a one day, five round, checker tournament for Saturday, November 17, 2012. This will be held at the Eppinger Gas Station located 4 or 5 miles north of Portersville, PA on US Highway 19. If coming on US 422, go about two miles South on US 19. There is a large playing room available which was a former restaurant and it has tables and chairs for our use. ACF membership will not be required and there will be no entry fee.  The exact address is 1649 Perry Hwy (US 19) Portersville, PA 16051. Tel (724) 368-8383. Google (map)


Registration will be at 8:00 AM and play will start at 8:30 AM. Two game rounds will be one and a half hours in length and because there is a Subway restaurant in conjunction with the gas station, there will be no lunch break, so eat between or during your playing rounds.


I need input from any who might consider coming to this tournament. Motels available in New Castle, Butler, Grove City, and Slippery Rock, PA.


I am Neil H. Wenberg and my phone is 724-368-3108.  My Email is (wenbergn@yahoo.com)

 Western Pennsylvania Open Checker Tournament , 17 November 2012, Eppingers, Portersville, PA
    12-16,21-17,9-14 9-13,23-18,11-16 10-15,23-19,7-10 11-16,21-17,9-14 10-15,22-17,9-13      
  Players Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Score H. Pts. W--L--D
1 Mark Sokolovsky (OH) 3 WW 4LW 2WD 5WW 8WW 17       8--1--1
2 Neil Wenberg (PA) 5WW 7WW 1LD 4DW 3LD 13 32.25     5--2--3
3 Joe Weaver (OH) 1LL 6WW 4DD 8WW 2WD 13 22.25     5--2--3
4 John Troyer (OH) 6WW 1WL 3DD 2DL 5WL 11       4--3--3
5 Harley Hochstetler (OH) 2LL 8WW 7WW 1LL 4LW 10       5--5--0
6 Roger Blaine (IN) 4LL 3LL 8WW BYWD WITHDREW 7       3--4--1
7 Nick Wenberg (PA) 8WW 2LL 5LL WITHDREW WITHDREW 4      2--4--0
8 Eddie Yoder (OH) 7LL 5LL 6LL 3LL 1LL 0      0-10--0
  Thanks to all who came, appreciate your attendance. Congratulations to Mark for winning this inaugural tourney.

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