Richard Beckwith, interim Treasurer, reported via email - Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - ACF Treasurer Update

    ACF treasurer PNC Checking Account              
balance from John Acker (11-15-2013) $306.93              
Date Expenses Deposits: Balance Item            
      (Willoughby, PNC)              
11/16/2013   235.26 542.19 Dues for B. Darling, M. O'Hara, C. Olsen, L Wray plus ACF Store money
11/29/2013   80.00 622.19 Dues from H. Hawkins & M. Pruitt      
12/14/2013   130.00 752.19 Gift from J. Goppelt (alreadly LIFE member), $50; E. Stephens & Stallsworth dues ($40 each)
12/31/2013   160.00 912.19 dues checks (L. Cowie, D. Wilson, N. Wenberg, N. Nkopo-RSA)
1/11/2014   308.30 1220.49 dues checks (EBSCO for CLE & Loras libraries, S. Holliday, F. Davis, J. Askins, R. Beckwith ($240 total) plus reimbursement…
          …RCB paid $168.30 in WCDF affiliation for ACF/ICHF dues (costs $200) using separate Store acct….
          …(but J. Reade owed C. Walker $31.70), so I owed $68.30 back to ACF from ICHF transaction)
1/31/2014   200.00 1420.49 dues checks (L. Keen, G. Wilson, J. Morrison, B. Zymet, L. Qually)
2/08/2014   80.00 1500.49 dues checks (E. Reid, R. Johnson)      
2/22/2014   204.00 1704.49 dues checks (W. Wolverton, G. Fuquay (via NCCA), Hines, Shultz); $40 cash from M. Sokolovsky; $4 donation from J. Cardie
3/22/2014   250.87 1955.36 dues checks (T. Fallis, A. Mays, P. Lyons, K. Sutton, V. Gaskin, plus moneygram from Alan for G. Badiali for $50.87 )
4/05/2014   45.00 2000.36 $35+$10 international money orders, K. Shoesmith    
4/19/2014   80.00 2080.36 dues check  ($80 from L. Pollard, 2 years, sent by JR Smith)  
5/10/2014   180.00 2260.36 dues checks (K. Garner, A. Keim); $100 donation to 2014 ACF National from Wilma W on behalf of MCA)
6/28/2014   27.60 2287.96 Mark Rosenberg 2 decks, including $5.60 to re-send lost decks certified      (Money credited to Alan M., not ACF)       
7/19/2014   80.00 2367.96 dues checks ($40 each from H. Hawkins and E. Atkinson)  
7/19/2014   700.00 3067.96 deposit two $350 checks from Independence bank funds for ACF Youth National (King Me) and 3-Move National (200 Club fund)
7/19/2014   -800.00 2267.96 withdraw MCA $100 to bring to National, plus the $700 from above entry.
7/23/2014   262.94 2530.90 sum of monthly corporate ACH on demand misc. payments (since 11-15-2013)

Independence Bank Accts. (CDs) Balance, 7/15/2014 renew 182 days, 0.3%
Oldbury Fund account $100,641.26      held at Independence Bank as Beckwith with account authorization
Gene Lindsay Fund account unreported    -$1,200  Alan Millhone has account authorization for this account and should report shortly  ($291,670.91 in 12/31/2012)
200 Club Fund account $85,401.14  includes   -$350  to ACF 3-move National, held at Independence Bank as Beckwith with account authorization
King Me account $6,162.17  includes   -$350  donation to ACF Youth National, held at Independence Bank as Beckwith with account authorization
Wells Fargo account $3,613.30      balance July 31, 2014, as Beckwith with account authorization for Wells Fargo and PayPal
ACF Store PayPal account $1,474.63      Bal 8/9/14,  about $630 of this is held for Alan (non-reimbursed sales for 3-move decks & books)
ACF Treasurer PNC Checking account $2,530.90      ACF Treasurer's PNC Checking account for operating income and expense (itemized above)
Total of above 7 accounts $199,823.40      excluding Gene Lindsay Fund as unreported
Northern States (non-ACF) $3,092.03      
Notice: Gene Lindsay Fund was unreported but will be amended with this balance in a few weeks. Submitted at the 2014 3-Move National Business Meeting in Louisville, KY, via electronic file, email excel file, or hard copy by acting Treasurer, Richard Beckwith, Wednesday,7/23/2014.

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