2014 International Tournament Dates

South Africa v USA Match, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 10 to 14 February - Postponed

Kildare Open, Naas Co. Kildare, Ireland, 22/23 February.

East of Scotalnd Tournament, Wick, Scotland, 28/29 March.

John Napier Tournament, Wick, Scotland, 30/31 March.

Arthur Jones Tournament, Manchester, England, 12 April.

English GAYP Open, Bristol, England, 26/27 April.

AGM of the EDA, Bristol, England,  26 April.

Scarpetta v King Match, Foggia, Italy, 5 to 10 July.

British Open 3-Move, Inverness, Scotland, 14 to 18 July. 

Northern Ireland Open, Cookstown, 4 to 16 September. 

Welsh Open 3-Move, Knighton, Wales, 20/21 September.

Czech Open in Checkers, held during the CEMSO in Prague, October 5.

2014 Irish Open - Strokestown, Ireland October, 25 to 27.

3-Move Qualifiers 2014, Louisville, KY, 13 to 16 November.- 3-Move Qualifiers 2014 Results

SportAccord Mind Games, Beijing, China, December 2014 (more details later)

2014 Tournament Dates