2014 Jerry Miller's Checker Meet, Middleburg, Indiana
Monday, December 8th - 102 Orpha Drive, Middlebury, IN 46540 - (574)-825-0121


Ten checker players got together Monday, December 8th, 2014, at the home of Jerry Miller in Middleburg, Indiana for an unofficial competition, fellowship, and good food.  Exact records where not kept and the round robin was not completed, but the standings were pretty much like this:



City, State


1  Jerry Miller  Middlebury, IN 28
2  Kenny Miller  Middlebury, IN 24
3  Pete Schmucker  Shipshewana, IN 17
4  Lonnie Lambright  Goshen, IN 14
5  Keith Hershberger  Lagrange, IN *
6  Wilbur Yoder  IN 14
7  Ernie Bontrager  IN 11
8  Marvin Yoder  Shipshewana, IN 10
9  Eli Raber  Topeka, IN 7
10  Roger Blaine  Mishawaka, IN 5

* Keith Hershberger left a little early, but we believe he was about in the middle of the pack for points.  Submitted by Roger Blaine

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