2014 Ohio State Open
held at Roadeway Inn Medina Conference Center, Medina Ohio 44256 - September 6 & 7   (
map )

Ohio State Checker Tournament September 6 & 7, 2014 at

Rodeway Inn Medina Conference Center, Medina, Ohio (located west of Akron)

Entry fee is $10.00. Registration on Saturday from 9:00-9:30 am with play beginning at 9:30 am.  Seven rounds of play using 3-move restriction (156-opening deck).  Master players:  time clocks and recording of games will be employed.  Please note that ACF membership is required and may be paid during registration.

The hotel is located on 2875 Medina Road on the Northeast corner of I-71 interchange with state highway 18 (exit 218, just south of where I-71 and I-271 merge).  Hotel is a quarter-mile from interchange.  Room rates are $39.95 (single or double) per night plus tax.  Ask for “CDL rate” or checker tournament discount rate.  Phone number for Rodeway Inn is 330-725-4571.  Phone number for Rodeway Inn is 330-725-4571.    FLYER   

For additional information, contact: Richard Beckwith, 34490 Ridge Rd. # 115, Willoughby, OH 44049-3035 (440) 516-1284  email: beckwith24@msn.com

Official Score-Sheet
2014 Ohio State Open

Congratulations, GM Alex Moiseyev!
 2014 Ohio State Champion

Congratulations, GM Richard Beckwith!
2nd Place Winner 

Final Results of Ohio State Tournament, September 6 & 7, 2014 - Rodeway Inn & Medina Conference Center, Medina, Ohio
POS  Name-City, State ACF #  Before-Rate After-Rate Opp # RD1 RD2 RD3 RD4 RD5 RD6 RD7 Pts S-B Hon Prize


1 GM Alex Moiseyev - Dublin, OH 10157 2246 2249 1 2T2 8T4 7T3 4T4 6T4 5T4 3T2 23   $240

 2014 Ohio State Champion (12th straight title)

2 GM Richard Beckwith - Willoughby, OH 10151 2181 2147 2 1T2 6T2 3T2 5T3 4T3 7T2 8T4 18   $160  
3 IM Louis Cowie - Painesville, OH 10154 2183 2125 3 7T3 4T1 2T2 8T4 5T1 6T2 1T2 15 184 $90

 2-way tie for third place on game points

4 Mark Sokolovsky - Cleveland, OH 12653 1973 1986 5 8T3 7T4 4T2 2T1 3T3 1T0 6T2 15 172 $90

 2-way tie for third place on game points

5 John Acker - Columbus, OH 10244 1859 1899 6 4T2 2T2 8T2 7T3 1T0 3T2 5T2 13 164 $50

 2-way tie for fifth place on game points

6 CM Alan Millhone - Belpre, OH 10142 1936 1937 4 6T2 3T3 5T2 1T0 2T1 8T4 7T1 13 143 $50

 2-way tie for fifth place on game points

7 John Herberger - Akron, NY   (B class) 12770 1754 1832 7 3T1 5T0 1T1 6T1 8T4 2T2 4T3 12   $20  
8 Joe LoConti - Mayfield, OH    (B class) 10096 1661 1640 8 5T1 1T0 6T2 3T0 7T0 4T0 2T0 3    


  TOTAL                           $700  
Submitted by Richard Beckwith by email - Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 8:26 AM.

Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev, who retains the state title, and also to John Herberger for winning the two-player B division.  All players played as one group using 3-move. Format was round-robin (Sonneborn-Berger tie-breaks) scored by game, and complemented our standard Ohio State 7 round tournament format.  Prize fund was $700 and awarded to the top 7 places.  Contributions were received from Joe LoConti $390, Joe McDaniel $200, Rich Beckwith $30, plus Alan Millhone donated $20 toward expenses and the entry fees made possible the total cash prize fund.  Before-Rate stands for player's rating before this tournament and After-Rate stands for player's rating after this performance has been re-calculated for a new rating. The capital prefix letters before player's name designates his status assigned by WCDF. GM stands for Grand Master, IM for International Master, and CM for Candidate Master, which are earned titles given by WCDF to distinguish players. The "T" separates the player's opponent from his game points won that round. We appreciate our contributors, Richard Beckwith as the director of the Ohio State Tournament, and serving as our referee / score-keeper.   Beckwith's 2014 Ohio W-D-L Cross-Table    

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