2014 Pete Schmucker's Checker Meet 

 To be held at Pete and Elle Schmucker's home, Shipshewana, IN - Friday & Saturday, June 13th and 14th 2014
Pete and Elle Schmucker's home, 1505 N. 500 W, Shipshewana, IN, 46565  260-768-4021 or cell: 260-350-0592  (map)    

     I was informed by Pete Schmucker that most of the Amish players from the Ohio area would be sharing rides to play the Indiana group. Registration opens at 12:00pm. Starts at 1:00pm. They plan to arrive before 12:00pm Friday afternoon for three rounds of GAYP and follow up playing three or four more rounds Saturday morning, finishing early Saturday evening. This Lagrange County, Indiana checker get-together will serve as a "tune-up" for the Mid-Ohio Meet.  They may schedule a couple more small group checker gatherings before the August 15th & 16th Meet.  All the top players from Ohio and Indiana will be there, so bring a friend and join the fun!  Crist Miller may be contacted at 330-359-7877 or email at Crosco@pcfreemail.com and of course Pete Schmucker at the above phone numbers.

2014 Tournament Dates