2014 Virginia Open  
(usually scheduled 3rd weekend in September)

The Old Dominion Checker Association
The 97th Annual Virginia Open Checker Tournament
 Friday & Saturday, September 19th & 20th 2014
Super 8 Motel, 842 Sword Beach Lane, Bedford, VA 24523 (

This is the 97th continuous Annual Virginia State Open Checker Tournament, an Old Dominion Checker Association tradition. This 2 day event (Friday & Saturday) will officially start Friday at 8:00 AM. It will feature some of the best checker players across the Commonwealth of Virginia and is an open format allowing anyone interested to sign up and compete in 3 divisions. There will be players from NC, VA, WV, and possibly other neighboring states, the highest finishing Virginia player will be crowned the 2014 Virginia State Champion. Registration will be handled in the playing room on Friday morning between 8:00 - 9:00 AM. A short business meeting is scheduled following registration. Play begins 10:00 AM Friday. The entry fee is $20.00.  You may also renew your ACF membership if necessary, since it is a sanctioned tournament by ACF.  Any contributions to support the tournament or prize fund will be appreciated.

As in the past, the tournament will be played under 3-Move, using the Swiss System of scoring with only one re-pair if necessary. There will be 8 rounds at 2 games per round - 1 hour games. We will play 4 rounds Friday of 2 hours per round - 1 round before lunch and break for a 1 hour lunch at 12:00 - various restaurants close by.  Then 3 rounds afterwards, and start at 8AM for 4 rounds Saturday - 2 rounds before lunch then break for a 1 hour lunch, and 2 afterwards, hopefully finished by 5PM permitting adequate travel time back home.

The Super 8 is located at 842 Sword Beach Lane off US Route 460 (Ole Turnpike Drive) northwest city limits of Bedford. The Hotel link is: Super 8, Bedford  Call 1-800-800-8000 or 540-587-0100 or 540-587-0497. Ms. Singh, Hotel Manager gave us special tournament room rates, which are $59.99 plus tax for king beds or double queens, and $55.99 for a single.  Continental Breakfast and coffee available during the day is included with the playing room for Friday and Saturday.  Please note: you need to make your reservations by 15th of September to get discount, and they honor a 24 hour cancellation.  Ms. Gee Singh, General Manager confirmed a group block of 15 rooms under the name Checker Tournament.  Tammy Jones is their front desk receptionist. email: super8bedford@gmail.com

Buck Smith continues the ODCA tradition.  This is the 97th continuous Annual Virginia Checker Tournament, so come and enjoy some competitive checkers and see beautiful Bedford.  You can enjoy a view from the window or back of the hotel, a great view of Sharp Top Mountain and the Peaks of Otter, once thought to be the highest in Virginia. Learn more about Sharp Top Mt.  BTW, and the D-Day Memorial should be experienced by all Americans, it's spectacular, which is close by and next to the Bedford welcome center located at 816 Burks Hill Road, at the intersection of Route 460 and Route 122.  (Panoramio D-Day, Bedford) "click picture"

For further information, telephone Buck Smith - President of ODCA at 540-997-0332  email: BUCKandBJ@aol.com or Ryan Pronk, Vice President, 480-262-0037 Ryan.Pronk@gmail.com  or Travis Weddle, Secretary/Treasurer, cell: 540-797-5213  tdub84@gmail.com

2 hrs 20 mins - 113 miles - US-220N toward Martinsville using Bwp to Rocky Mount, then 122 (Moneta Rd) to Bedford, left onto US-221/460 W. (Notice Visitor's Center) - Turn right onto Ole Turnpike Dr.  Click To See Map  Some players prefer this because because GPS tracks this route and you don't have the 25 miles of curvy 43.    Click for Waypoints

2 hrs 12 mins - 117 miles - US-29N to Altivista using byp at Reidsville, Chatham, Gretna, then take VA-43 exit toward Altavista/Leesville (Bedford Hwy) - stay on 43 - turn left onto US-460 BR W. - Turn right onto Ole Turnpike Dr.  MapQuest

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