2015 WTM 11-Man Ballot (Laverty vs Moiseyev)  
January 16th through 19th, 2015 at the Econo Lodge Hotel, 2133 Hanford Rd, Burlington, NC 27215  (336) 227-1270 
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  After 12 games Moiseyev is up 5 games, winning G1, G5, G8, and Laverty winning G7, then winning G10, G11, and G12 as: 6W-1L-5D which makes it impossible for Laverty to draw the match even with Monday's four scheduled games thus terminating the World Tile Match a day early.

ID 10157 10153
Games Played Before 1058 710
Games Played After 1070 722
Rating Before: 2262 2106
Rating After: 2265 2101


The 2015 11-Man Ballot World Title Match between International Master Tim Laverty from Graham, North Carolina and Grand Master Alex Moiseyev from Dublin, Ohio finished a day earlier than scheduled with GM Moiseyev retaining his coveted 11-Man World Title Championship.  Mr. Moiseyev confirmed his talent with a strong finish by winning the last three games in their third day of play.  This performance concluding the world title match at 5:15 PM Sunday evening, followed by a brief closing ceremony. The WTM was originally scheduled as a 16 game event with 4 games played each day over the 4 days of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend, with an optional extra day of 4 games as a tie-breaker on Tuesday in case the event was a tie match after their 16th game. This obviously didn't happen as Laverty lost his last three games on Sunday.  He played down a game from the start by losing his first game on Friday morning. Tim Laverty drew his next three games but lost game 5 and drew game 6 and created hope amongst the Burlington Checker Club when he won game 7.  This loss was the first loss on the Grand Master's record-book in competition 11-Man Ballot Checkers since he become World Champion in 2008. 

Laverty gracefully conceded the victory to GM Moiseyev and commended him for his excellent play as scoring 6 wins,  1 loss, and 5 draws to continue his rein as world champion.  GM Alex Mosieyev's current win was recognized by the World Checkers Draughts Federation, and the American Checker Federation, the governing body of checkers in the USA. And of course the North Carolina Checker Association who sponsored this WTM.  Moiseyev received hotel, meals, and gas expense as an incentive to make the trip from Ohio, and his share of a modest $500.00 prize fund contractually stipulating that it be split (60% / $40%)  to the winner or (50% / 50%) as a tied match. Traditionally the challenger pays for the venue, travel, room, & board expense for the Champion.

This was IM Tim Laverty's fourth attempt to dethrone GM Moiseyev, playing for the title in 2008, 2011, 2013, and this match. GM Moiseyev won the title back in 2008 by defeating IM Laverty as the ACF National Champion in the 2008 Elbert Lowder Memorial  (Moiseyev vs Laverty) 11-Man World Title Championship Match in Albemarle, NC the birthplace of Elbert Lowder.  Moiseyev's first attempt at this title was in 2002 when he played GM Lowder at the 11-Man Ballot World Championship Match (Moiseyev vs Lowder) October 11-14th at the Parks and Recreation Center, Richmond, Kentucky.  This was an exciting and even contest resulting: 6W-6L-8D which was not enough to dethrone Lowder.  GM Elbert Lowder from Sanford, NC dominated the 11-Man Ballot for 19 straight years until his death 12/14/2006 leaving a title holder vacancy.  GM Moiseyev is the sixth recognized 11-Man Ballot World Champion since its first match back in 1885, and he has defended his title 5 times since July 5th, 2008. 

I would also like to mention Nigel Proffett from Wales, Great Britain was the e-mail World 11-Man Ballot World Champion in late 90's and early 2000's.  He dominated the Bob Podoff 11-Man Ballot email Ty during this time frame and definitely recognized as the undisputed e-mail World 11-Man Ballot World Champion.

A brief closing ceremony held at the Econo Lodge wrapped up this WTM.  Both players received a 2015 11-Man WTM memorabilia travel/commuter beverage cup, a congratulation to the winner and praise for their fine sportsmanship, along with their share of the prize fund. Alex Moiseyev commented that he was happy with his performance and his renewed confidence.  He enjoyed his stay in Burlington and enjoyed dining at several local restaurants over the duration of the title match. 

I also want to mention Econo Lodge made a special effort to meet our venue request by setting up the playing room and displaying our counter sign.  Manager, Brian Durham provided the conference room with a daily fruit basket and plenty of snacks. They kept the refrigerator supplied with bottled water & drinks and free coffee in the lobby.  We appreciated the service and attention.  We are especially appreciative of those who contributed! We also appreciate Times-News for giving our tournament excellent news coverage with editor, Chris Lavender and photographer, Scott Muthersbaugh capturing the competitive action.

GM Alex Moiseyev is scheduled to defend his title against GM Sergio Scarpetta from Cerignola, Foggie Italy. Sergio has submitted a challenge to play GM Moiseyev,  or the title holder in 2016.



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