2016 Morrison vs Moiseyev 11-Man Ballot WTM  
September 2nd through 5th, 2016 at the Econo Lodge Hotel, 2133 Hanford Rd, Burlington, NC 27215  (336) 227-1270  ( map )

below is a paragraph from 2016 NC Open results webpage:  

GM Jim Morrison, challenger & GM Alex Moiseyev, 11-Man World Champion reached a preliminary agreement to play their 11-Man Ballot World Championship Match in Burlington, NC over the Labor Day weekend. They confirmed to split the prize fund 60/40 between winner and runner-up of the match.  In the event of a tied match, it will be divided 50/50 and the current title holder, Alex Moiseyev will remain World 11-Man Ballot Champion. We may use Econo Lodge if they can provide us with a fast and dependable WiFi internet, otherwise we will use another hotel.  Their tentative schedule is to play a 16 game match over 4 days as September 2nd thru 5th (Friday-Monday (Labor Day), with the option of playing an additional 4 games (tie breaker play-off) on Tuesday, September 6th, 2016 if an even score after 16 games.  We anticipate John Acker will direct video media by video streaming games, and keeping the public and the checker community updated and informed on the match's progress and final results.

 2016 WTM 11-Man Ballot (Morrison vs Moiseyev)  
September 2
nd through 5th, 2016 at the EconoLodge Hotel, 2133 Hanford Rd, Burlington, NC 27215  (336) 227-1270  ( map )

 GM Jim Morrison      vs      GM Alex Moiseyev

The World 11-Man Ballot Match between GM Alex Moiseyev, current World 11-Man Checkers Champion from Dublin, Ohio and GM Jim Morrison, challenger from Glasgow, Kentucky is scheduled to play a 16 game match on September 2nd thru 5th, 2016. Dates are Friday thru Monday, with the option of possibly playing an additional 4 games (tie breaker play-off) on Tuesday, September 6th if an even score after 16 games. This 11-Man Ballot WTM will start 10:00 AM at the EconoLodge-Burlington, NC in conference room 247 as the designated playing room. Opponents are scheduled to play 4 games per day, Friday through Monday, and finish their 16th game Monday evening (Labor Day). 

GM Jim Morrison earned the right to challenge GM Alex Moiseyev this spring by winning  2nd place runner up to GM Moiseyev at the 2016 11-Man Ballot National in Burlington, NC. Jim scored 22 total game points, just one shy to Alex’s 23 total game points. This will be GM Jim Morrison’s first attempt to de-throne 11-Man World Checker Champion GM Alex Moiseyev. 

GM Moiseyev, age 57 and GM Morrison 68 have 105 years of combined master tournament competition experience.

GM Alex Moiseyev won his World 11-Man Checkers Championship Title in 2008 which he has defended it continuously against all challengers since that date.

The public is welcome to watch this match provided they show respect and quietness to the competing opponents. The local news media is also invited. North Carolina Checker Association is sponsoring this World Title Match which is sanctioned by the American Checker Federation and World Checker Draughts Federation. JR Smith and Teal Stanley from Greensboro, NC will serve as the official referee/scorekeeper. All games will be recorded and published.  John Acker from Hilliard, Ohio will serve as media specialist. He will webcam the games and use UStream to video the games to the internet so the public can watch this WTM.

Here's the link to the channel on USTREAM:


We have negotiated special checker players' room rates of $54.86 including tax for king or doubles so let the receptionist know you are a checker player (336)-227-1270.

Donations are needed, and may be sent to JR Smith, NCCA, P.O. Box 39594, Greensboro, NC 27438, or donate via Paypal at www.usacheckers.com on ACF Store Donations page.

Congratulations to both players, GM Morrison and GM Moiseyev on a great match, and to Alex Moiseyev for another successful title defense!
Moiseyev finished as (11 Draws - 3 Wins - 1 Loss)

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