2017 Barbados Open Tournament
June 18th and 25th, 2017

The 2017 Barbados Open will be held Saturday, June 18th thru June 25th, in Barbados, W.I. Sponsored by the Barbados Draughts Association and announced by Kent Layne. The tournament is 8 rounds. The suggested venue is Hilton Barbados Resort, St. Michael Perish.  More information when available.   bdosdraughts@gmail.com  |  https://www.facebook.com/draughtsnews/


Barbados Open - June 18th thru 25th, 2017

R King 24
J Francis 22
Jeffrey Clarke 19
Henderson Marshall 18
Colin Price 17
Junior Walrond 17
Wiston Lowe 17
Micheal Barker 16
Carson Farley 16
Gabrial Chriclow 16
Hallam Hope 15
N Grosvenor 15
W Fedrick 15
Kent Layne 15
Mark Barnett 14
Desmond Maughn 13
Anderson Hunte 10
Micheal Taitt 9

Maters Quarterfinals:

Group 1 King vs Barker
Group 2 Francis vs Lowe
Group 3 Clarke vs Walrond
Group 4 Marshall vs Price

Semi Final

King vs Marshall
Francis vs Clarke semi final will be June 24

2017 Tournament Dates