2017 Canadian Championship Match - (Wells vs Clint Olsen)
2017 Canadian Championship Match (Lorne Wells vs Clint Olsen) at Clint Olsen's home in Kitchener, Ontario
 June 12th thru 16th  (Monday thru Friday)

Lorne Wells, Ken Shoesmith, and Clint Olsen are excited to announce that a contract has been signed for a 2017 Canadian Championship Match to be played from Monday June 12th to Friday June 16th at my house in Kitchener, Ontario. The match will consist of 26 games, 4 Monday, 6 each on Tuesday to Thursday, and 4 Friday with tie-breaker games to be played Friday if necessary. Ken Shoesmith from Hamilton, Ontario has graciously offered to act as referee for the match. Ken has acted as referee for previous Canadian matches, so we are in good hands   ACF Forum  http://www.usacheckers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3821

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