Hello 10 x 10 checker enthusiasts!  Here are the new ratings after Tournament no. 39, which lasted from August 2016 to April 2017.  Most of our tournaments are completed in a much shorter time, usually about 4 months.


Tournament no. 40 will start in a few days.  If you would like to join and have not contacted me already, please reply by Monday evening, May 1, 2017.  We are an unofficial tournament conducted on ItsYourTurn.com.  You would need to be registered on the site with a user name and password.


Best wishes,

Roger Blaine, Tournament Director |  Roger Blaine  reblaine@hotmail.com   |  Sat, Apr 29, 2017 at 2:33 PM



New ratings after Tournament no. 39


Jesse Furry----------2168  (no change)

Lindus Edwards----2023  (+76, a great gain for our winner)

Vern Cloud----------1937  (-2)

Ego Igwe-------------1918  (+6)

Gary Kehn-----------1690  (-19)

Neil Wenberg------ 1673  (-35)

Roger Blaine--------1599  (no change)

Frankie Gray--------1403  (-4)

Dante Swinton-----1380  (+4)

Jeffrey Hill-----------1123  (-27)


Ratings remain for players who did not compete this time:

Roberto Ernest 1649, David Rockwell 1537, Matt Howard 1040.



Tournament no. 39 -- Final standings Apr. 5, 2017

DANTE UPSETS GARY! -- The final game!

Lindus Edwards-----UK----1947----9--0--0---18
Jesse Furry-----------DE----2168----8--1--0---16
Vern Cloud-----------MI----1939----6--2--1---13
Ego Igwe------------KEN----1903----6--2--1---13
Gary Kehn-----------MI-----1709----4--5--0----8
Neil Wenberg--------ND---1708----3--5--1----7
Roger Blaine---------IN-----1599----3--5--1----7
Frankie Gray---------IL-----1407----2--7--0----4
Dante Swinton------PA----1376----2--7--0----4
Jeffrey Hill------------ID-----1150---0--9--0----0


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