2017 Kentucky Open
October 14th & 15th 2017
(Usually scheduled 2nd Saturday - Sunday weekend in October)

     THE KENTUCKY CHECKER TOURNAMENT will be held (Saturday and Sunday), October 14 & 15, 2017 at La Quinta Inn, 1751 Lexington Road, Richmond, Kentucky 40475 (map), laquintarichmondky.com. There will be 7 rounds of two games each - four rounds Saturday beginning at 8:00 AM; three rounds Sunday, same start time.  A block of rooms will be held until Sep 11th, 2017, you should book your room early. (Rooms are $62.00/each Night. Motel has been completely renovated inside and out. Call 859-623-9121 for reservations, each room has New TV and Two Queen Beds, free continental breakfast and swimming pool. Cracker Barrel Restaurant next door. Call Don Brattin at 859-986-9711 for info if needed. Advise the clerk this is for the Kentucky Checker Tournament. | Submitted via telephone call 1/17/2017 from Leon Creek, 212 Leawood Drive, Lexington, KY 40502 | Phone 859-269-1292  | email: Slcreek@windstream.net  or email Don Brattin ddbky@roadrunner.com


6 participated in the 2017 Kentucky State Open Tournament. Alex Moiseyev from Dublin, OH won 1st place and recognized as our 2017 Kentucky State Open Champion.  Arthur Mays from Campbellsville, KY is our 2017 Kentucky State Champion.  We played five rounds of Round-Robin and two rounds of Swiss, making the tournament a 7 round, two day event.  Leon Creek was their tournament referee and score-keep.  A special thanks goes to Joe McDaniel from Tulsa, OK who donated $300.00 to our 2017 Kentucky Open Tournament fund.  Results were submitted by mail Thursday, October 19, 2017 from Leon Creek.

Arthur Mays - 10TNclip2.jpg (94172 bytes)

Congratulations, Alex!
1st place

Congratulations, Lapin!
2nd place

Congratulations, Arthur!
3rd place & 2017 KY State Champion

Congratulations, Byron!
4th place

(Official Crosstable - Final Results of 2017 Kentucky State Open)
3-Move Single Division Open Tournament
at La Quinta Inn, 1751 Lexington Road, Richmond, Kentucky - October 14th & 15th, 2017
2017 Kentucky Open (3-Move)
Single Div 7-2GmRds, Score By Gm (Rd-Robin)
  before   after                    


 Name  City, State




R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 Pts Cash


1  GM Alex Moiseyev  Dublin, OH 10157 2189 4T4 3T4 2T2 5T4 6T4=18 3T4=22 5T4 26 $220  2017 Kentucky State Open Champion
2  Lapin Vadym  Kiev, Ukraine unrated 5T3 4T2 1T2 6T3 4T3=13 6T4=17 4T3 20 $150  
3  Arthur Mays  Campbellsville, KY 10191 1794 6T4 1T0 5T1 4T4 5T3=12 1T0=12 6T3 15 $100  2017 Kentucky State Champion
4  Byron Woolum  Walker, KY 10101 1849 1T0 2T2 6T3 3T0 2T1=6 5T3=9 2T1 10 $90
5  Jerry Askins  Monticello, KY 10080 1745 2T1 6T3 3T3 1T0 3T1=8 4T1=9 1T0 9 $80
6  Perry McCracken  East Bernstadt, KY 10090 1634 3T0 5T1 4T1 2T1 1T0=3 2T0=3 3T1 4 $80
   Total $720

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