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2017 Checker News!

      20 Best 1st Moves in 3-Move   "Get a 11-Man Opening"  
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Joe & Jeannie McDaniel's “Scotland vacation”
Amendment to ACF BY-LAWS and Constitution - “Amendment XII”
2016 ACF Financial Report
Michael Holmes starts next Checker Session
Jay Hinnershitz, OMOCH (On-Line Museum of Checker History)
Roberto Waldteufel -Wyllie Draughts
The “King Me” film (ThinkMedia Studios, Cleveland, OH)
2015 International Checkers Hall of Fame (ICHF) Checkers Annual Magazine
Watson Franks' Texas & District 8 Checker Site
New 2016 Checker Site... “Checker Cruncher”
Igor Martynov - European Checker Confederation (ECC) website
Larry Pollard Mural
Gold Peak Ice Tea
Joan Caws died 11/02/2017
Bernice Powell died 10/11/2017
Herbert Reed died 8/25/2017
Raymond H. Shelly, Jr. died 8/23/2017
Donald W. Verble died 7/29/2017
Hugh Burton died 7/15/2017
Maxine Little died 7/3/2017
Alex Moiseyev's mother-in-law, Aneliya Peshchenitskaya died 5/27/2017
Karl D. Albrecht died 5/27/2017
Kenneth Jennings died 3/25/2017
Bruce Lennon Darling died 2/14/2017
Jerry D. Childers died 1/22/2017
George Cooks' wife Barbara died 1/19/2017
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