2017 WTM Borghetti vs Scarpetta Championship 
was held in Italy from 9th to 23rd September

The 3-Move Challenge Match between Michele Borghetti and Sergio Scarpetta will be played in Italy from 9th to 23rd September 2017.  (15 days, Saturday to Saturday) 

Match was delayed because of a flood however final results:

Scarpetta wins six games, Borghettti wins one game, and 29 games drawn.
Final Score: Sergio Scarpetta 41 points, Michele Borghetti 31 points.
Final Score after Day 9/36 Games:
GM Sergio Scarpetta (ITA) 6 wins,
GM Michele Borghetti (ITA) 1 win,
29 drawn games

We wish to congratulate the new World Champion Sergio Scarpetta for his constant play on the highest level and his final victory.
GM Scarpetta was World Champion in GAYP from 2014-2016, won the Silver Medal at the WMSG in Lille 2012 and will certainly add more laurels to his fame in the future.

Highest tribute must be paid to the dethroned Champion, Michele Borghetti, who showed great sportsmanship and tough this time he lost still hold he GAYP title in his hands, for which he defeated his fellow World Champion in the title match last year.
GM Borghetti was World Champion in 3-move from 2013-2017, is World Champion in GAYP since 2016, won the Gold Medal at the WMSG in Lille 2012 and has won numerous tournaments in Italian Dama, where he is regarded as the greatest player of all times. He is also a very strong player in Draughts 100, having won the Italian title numerous times, and apart from being a great practitioner of the game is also a connoisseur of Draughts Literature in all styles.

We like to thank the referee Alan Millhone (USA) for his good work and the Dama Club of Livorno (especially Gianfranco Borghetti, who happens to be not only the proud father of Michele Borghetti, but also a great organizers and promoter for all kind of draughts) and the FID for hosting this great event.

And finally we may again remind our readers that the start of this match was overshadowed by a tragical storm and flooding of Livorno which cost at least seven lives. Our thoughts are still with them and the surviving people of Livorno.

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