District 5 contains States: Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee - District Manager: Dallas Ramsey

 2018 Alabama Open & District 5  

The 2018 Alabama Open Checker Tournament will be held in Guin, Alabama
November  9th & 10th - Friday and Saturday at Holiday Inn Guin (map)
Usually scheduled 2nd weekend (Friday & Saturday) in November


 2018 Alabama Open & District 5 at Holiday Inn Guin - reported by Frank & Mary Davis on Mon, Nov 12, 2018 by Telephone, Mail Results will arrive Thursday, Nov 15, 2018 which I will publish here.

5 Masters: Alex Moiseyev 1st, John Webster 2nd, Frank Davis 3rd, Watson Franks 4th, Dallas Ramsey 5th

4 Majors:  Lynn Steelman 1st, Johnny Hunt 2nd, Harold Thornton 3rd, Bobby Blankenship 4th, Mike O'Hara  5th

Alex Moiseyev won the 2018 Alabama Open and District 5 Tournament with Dallas Ramsey as the 2018 Alabama State Champion and Frank Davis as the District 5 Champion.

2018 Tournament Dates