2018 USA vs Italy Team Match in Rome 

April 20th thru 26th 2018

The FID Board has confirmed the  2nd Trophy Oreste - 1st International Match USA vs Italy - by 3-moves English Draughts


The Match would be held inside the famous "Villa Borghese", playing presumably on 21st, 22nd , 23rd , 24th , 25th  April, with arrival on the morning 20th, presentation on 20th, and award ceremony on 25th and departure on 26th April, with the following 


Proposal Schedule:

Arrival on 20th April morning

Friday 20th April: Presentation, Players appeal, Pairing drawing, Opening Ceremony


Saturday 21st April:         9.00 First Round, 

Sunday 22nd April:          9.00 Second Round,        14.30 Third Round

Monday 23rd April:          9:00 Fourth Round,          14.30 Fifth Round

Tuesday 24th April:         9.00 Sixth Round,             14.30 Seventh Round

Wednesday 25th April:    9.00 Last Round,              13.00 Award Ceremony

Thursday 26th April: time of leaving


Hospitality in the Olympic Training Center of Italian National Olympic Committee in Rome.


Match will be format similar to traditional International matches US vs UK & Ireland => Each player from USA team will play against each member of Italy team.


Style of play: standard 3 moves 156 opening deck


Time control:   45 minutes to each player per game plus 20 second of recharge for move


Each team consist of 8 players: 6 mans, 1 woman and 1 youth. Each team may have up to two alternative players. Woman and youth in each team can be replace only once.


USA team captain - Alex Moiseyev



1st USA vs. Italy International Match, April 20-25, Rome. 

Italy tailed the entire match, but won enough games in the final round to win the entire match by one win,

Final Score 129-127.


2018 Tournament Dates