2019 Independent 3-Move World Title Match (Moiseyev vs Scarpetta)  
Friday, April 26th   (tentative)
GM Alex Moiseyev vs GM Sergio Scarpetta
(Current 3-Move World Champion) 
International Checker Hall Of Fame, Petal, Mississippi
PHONE 601-307-7070

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For various reasons, this match will not be played until after Scarpetta plays Ron King in the fall of 2019 in Barbados.  But Sergio still wants to play Alex, so their match may still play a few months after the King match.  (I guess that assumes Scarpetta will win against King, or else we may see King-Moiseyev instead.)

Alex Moiseyev is organizing a challenge match with Sergio Scarpetta for the 3-move title. As you all know, Alex held that title from 2002-2013 and has also been the 11-Man Ballot World Champion since 2008. This is a private challenge, so neither the National Federations involved (ACF and FID) nor the WCDF are directly sponsoring the match. If you would like to help, you can donate on the link below.

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