2019 World Title 11-Man Ballot (Holmes vs Moiseyev)  
Friday, January 18th thru Monday, January 21st

“ IM Michaek Holmes vs GM Alex Moiseyev
(current 11-Man World Champion)
International Checker Hall Of Fame, Petal, Mississippi

GM Michele Borghetti from Livorno, Italy won the 2017 11-Man Ballot Open National in Branson, MO but never challenged for the title.  Borghetti announced he was retiring from match play after his September 3-Move WTM with GM Sergio Scapetta from Cerignola, Italy.  GM Sergio Scapetta placed second in this tournament and was tentatively scheduled for a 11-Man Ballot WTM in 2017, but it never happened, so the 6th place finisher IM Michael Holmes has challenged the World 11-Man Title holder with a sanctioned ACF “independent challenge” approval, provided he raises the guaranteed upfront $2,000 purse asked by title holder GM Moiseyev.  The reasoning behind the upfront $2K GM Moiseyev is asking, comes from the “independent challenge” outside of official endorsement and recognition.  GM Moiseyev owns this title and has defended it multiple time over a span of ten years against the 11-Man Ballot National winners or the 2nd place finisher behind himself.

Charles Walker volunteered the ICHOF as the venue, Joe McDaniel has pledged $3,000, and other checker enthusiast have pledge several $100 so far to see this title match and keep 11-Man Checker Openings active as an exciting variation of English Checkers.  This World Championship is tentatively scheduled for Friday, January 18 thru Monday, January 21, 2018.

IM Michael Holmes placed 3rd in the 2016 11-Man Ballot National in Burlington, NC.  He placed 4th on game points in a 2-way tie in the 2015 Missouri Mixer Open in Branson.

Our next 11-Man Ballot Open National is tentatively scheduled for 2019.

2018 Tournament Dates