2019 Canadian Championship Match
Monday thru Friday, August 5th thru August 9th  2019
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Lorne Wells and Clint Olsen will battle once again for the Canadian Championship at Olsen's home in Kitchener from Monday, August 5th to Friday, August 9th. The match will consist of 20 games, 4 games per day. Ken Shoesmith from Hamilton will return as referee. Both players will again contribute $500 to the match fund which will be split 60/40 between the winner and runner-up. 

Contributions to the match fund would be much appreciated. Anyone contributing $10+ will receive a copy of the games.

Contributions (cheques/money orders) should be made out to Ken Shoesmith:
7 Moonglow Place
Dundas, Ontario
Canada L9H 3R6

If you do send a donation, please send an email to Ken (kshoesmith at cogeco dot ca) so he can confirm receiving it.

Spectators are welcome - If you are interested in attending this match as a spectator, PM me here or email me (clintmolsen at gmail dot com) and I will provide you with my address.