2019 GAYP National Checker Tournament  
August 19
th - 22nd 2019
“GM Ronald "Suki" King GAYP National Tournament Honoree”

The Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
 ATTENTION ALL CHECKER PLAYERS - R. Beckwith email 3/10/2019 10:38PM


The 2019 GAYP Nationals will be in Las Vegas NV on Monday, Aug 19th  - Thursday, Aug 22nd.  This is a 4-day tournament.  We have the guest rooms available in a block from Sunday 18th through Friday night Aug 23rd. Room rates will be $28.00 a night plus $18.00 per night resort fee (taxable at 13%) Total of $51.98Staying additional weekend nights will likely have higher rates.  The GROUP CODE is SPACF19.  There is also a security deposit of $100 in which a credit card is needed, and this is for potential damage of room. This security deposit stipulation was waived late-April 2019.  Also we have a cut-off date of Aug 2nd to make reservations.  For reservations please call 800-634-6575 and have the above group code.

As for rounds, Monday 2 rds. Tuesday 3 rds. Weds 3 rds. Thurs 3 rds.  If we need Friday, it will be for tie in masters only.  There will be a business meeting at 9 am on Monday morning before the tournament starts.   ALL PLAYERS need to attend.  Pairings will follow and Tournament will begin at 11am.  Entry fee Minors $20, Majors $30, and Masters $50.  This is an ACF Tournament, so you must be a current member to play.  Memberships (may be paid at registration) are as follows:

Regular $40 a year

Canadian  $45

Overseas $50 or electronic bulletin only $40

Also on registration, the ratings roster will be used.  
Division cutoffs shall be Masters: 2000 and above; Majors 1700 to 1999; Minors 1699 and below.  Winners of the last three US Nationals Majors/Minors divisions are also required to play up. We play in the same ball room as last year but cost $1,500 instead of $2,500 for 4 days rental in 2018.


Las Vegas is a great vacation place, and the Plaza has helped us to have this 2019 National again in their hotel. There are many places to eat within walking distance and many attractions.


BTW! Please consider giving a contribution to ACF so this will be a wonderful and successful 2019 GAYP National Tournament. You may use ACF Store PayPal www.usacheckers.com or send a check to: Richard Beckwith, 34490 Ridge Rd. #115, Willoughby, OH 44094



Final Results for ACF Ronald "Suki" King 2019 GAYP National Tournament
August 19-22, Plaza Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV


1 Francis, Jack (BAR) 28    $1500
2 Kondlo, Lubabalo (RSA) 26   $1220
3 Morrison, Jim (KY) 23    $960
4 Beckwith, Richard (OH) 22     $700
5 King, Ron (BAR) 20    $480
6 Sokolovsky, Mark (OH) 19    $70
7 Webster, John (NC) 17     $60
T8 Maughan, Desmond (BAR) 10    $45
T8 Millhone, Alan (OH) 10     $45
10 Weaver, Alex (NJ) 5    $30   MASTERS TOTAL $5,110.00


1 Umala, Patrick (UGA) 29     $240
2 Neverson, Wynnell (BAR) 24     $160
3 Fuquay, Glenn (NC) 22    $100
4 Schwartz, Joe (FL) 21     $80
5 O'Grady, Jimmy (NY) 20    $60
6 Smith, Buck* (VA) 19     $40
T7 Blackshear, Steve (CA) 15    $33
T7 Willis, Kim* (MO) 15     $32
9 Coleman, Joe* (IA) 9     $25
10 Ron, Bat-Sheva* (FL) 2    $20   MAJORS TOTAL $673.00 - MINORS TOTAL $117.00 


* These 4 players were bracketed so they could be recognized for a Minors Medal.

Tournament was 9 rounds using round-robin.  Majors and Minors entrants were combined into one round-robin group.  J. Schwartz and B. Ron withdrew for last round and had to be absent one other prior round.  Kim Willis was main referee.  Masters used clocks (40 minutes + 10 seconds for each press) per game.  Medals were awarded to top three positions of all three divisions, and also to the top two women.  Congratulations to Jack Francis, Patrick Umala, Wynnell Neverson (high woman), and Buck Smith (high Minors)

Prize Fund with Oldbury money was $5,900.  Donations were received from Joe McDaniel ($1,000), Jimmy O'Grady, ($30), Mac Banks ($20), George Hay ($25), Harold Brown.  ACF officials and members also personally helped with expenses for medals, playing room costs, score-sheets, banner, pens, plaque, etc.  Bids for the 2020 ACF National (3-Move) are due December 31, 2019.



  Final Standings  of the 2019 GAYP "Ron King" ACF National, August 19-22, Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
  MASTERS (Round-robin, by game, 40 minutes + 10 s)                
Finish  Player   State/ Player                   Final  
Pos. No Name Country ID # RD1 RD2 RD3 RD4 RD5 RD6 RD7 RD8 RD9 Points  Cash
5 1 Ron King Barbados 10009 10T4 8T5 6T6 4T7 5T11 3T13 7T17 2T18 9T20 20 $480.00
3 2 Jim Morrison KY 10156 9T2 10T5 8T7 6T8 4T11 5T15 3T17 1T20 7T23 23 960.00
7 3 John Webster NC 10147 8T2 6T4 4T5 5T6 7T10 1T12 2T14 9T14 10T17 17 60.00
2 4 Lubabalo Kondlo South Africa 10003 7T4 5T8 3T11 1T14 2T15 9T17 10T20 8T24 6T26 26 1,220.00
T8 5 Alan Millhone OH 10142 6T1 4T1 7T3 3T6 1T6 2T6 9T6 10T8 8T10 10 45.00
4 6 Rich Beckwith OH 10151 5T3 3T5 1T8 2T11 9T12 10T15 8T17 7T20 4T22 22 700.00
10 7 Alex Weaver NJ 10042 4T0 9T0 5T2 10T2 3T2 8T3 1T3 6T4 2T5 5 30.00
6 8 Mark Sokolovsky OH 12653 3T2 1T5 2T7 9T8 10T12 7T15 6T17 4T17 5T19 19 70.00
1 9 Jack Francis Barbados 10008 2T2 7T6 10T10 8T13 6T16 4T18 5T22 3T26 1T28 28 1,500.00
T8 10 Desmond Maughan Barbados


1T0 2T1 9T1 7T5 8T5 6T6 4T7 5T9 3T10 10 45.00
                            Total $5,110.00
    MAJORS / MINORS Round-robin, by game                      
Finish  Player   State/ Player                   Final  
Pos. No Name Country ID # RD1 RD2 RD3 RD4 RD5 RD6 RD7 RD8 RD9 Points  Cash
4 1 Joe Schwartz FL 10152 7T4 5T7 3T7 4T8 2T11 9T15 10T17 8T21 withdrew 21 $80.00
5 2 Jim O'Grady NY 10082 9T2 10T6 8T10 6T13 1T14 5T15 3T16 4T16 4T20 20 60.00
1 3 Patrick Umala Uganda 12852 8T3 6T6 1T10 5T12 7T16 4T20 2T23 9T26 BYE T29 29 240.00
2 4 Wynnell Neverson1 Barbados 12753 10T4 8T7 6T8 1T11 5T13 3T13 7T16 2T20 9T24 24 160.00
3 5 Glenn Fuquay NC 12582 6T4 1T5 7T8 3T10 4T12 2T15 9T15 10T19 8T22 22 100.00
8 6 Kim Willis2 MO 10083 5T0 3T1 4T4 2T5 9T6 10T10 8T11 7T12 BYE T15 15 32.00
9 7 Joe Coleman IA 10441 1T0 9T0 5T1 10T5 3T5 8T5 4T6 6T9 2T9 9 25.00
7 8 Steve Blackshear CA 10022 3T1 4T2 2T2 9T5 10T7 7T11 6T14 1T14 5T15 15 33.00
6 9 Buck Smith3 VA 10091 2T2 7T6 10T10 8T11 6T14 1T14 5T18 3T19 4T19  19 40.00
10 10 Bat-sheva Ron FL 12918 4T0 2T0 9T0 7T0 8T0 6T0 1T2 5T2 withdrew 2 20.00

1Highest Woman finisher      2Second-Highest Woman finisher      3Highest finishing Minors Player     should have been given 4 pts?


Total $790.00
Total Ty $5,900.00



2019 Tournament Dates