2019 Annual Mid-Ohio Checker Meet
Friday & Saturday, August 9th and August 10th  2019
(Usually Scheduled on third Friday & Saturday of  August)

Something new this year, since Richard Beckwith approached Crist Miller if it would be possible to merge the Ohio State with the popular Amish Tournament. Crist obliged this suggestion and changed the Mid-Ohio Checker Meet from August 16th &17th. The 14th Annual Mid-Ohio Checker Meet will be held at Crist & Rosanna Miller's home at 10250 S. Kansas Road, Fredericksburg, Ohio 44627 - (Scenic Valley Supply LLC) map.  Friday & Saturday, August 9th and August 10th. The following details maybe altered because of the two tournaments being merger together. Registration opens at 12:00 pm (noon / lunch), we will begin at 1:00 pm the afternoon of the 9th and continuing into Saturday. This year we play 3-Move, we switch every other year between GAYP and 3-Move Restriction.  We will play 8 total rounds of Swiss (1 1/2 hours per 2 game rounds) as 4 rounds Friday and 4 rounds Saturday with play starting at 8:00 am. Snacks & drinks provided, with free breakfast and lunch on Saturday. For more information, contact Crist Miller, coordinator at 330-231-5034 or 330-359-7877. We will play in the large building on the right side of Crist & Rosanna Miller's home. Tournament is free, but please contribute $30 to show your support & appreciation. All funds over tournament and food expense will be contributed to the Ohio Crippled Children's Fund. In previous years the top prize has been handmade furniture. (wall clock, table, stool, etc.)  Travel Time: Greensboro, NC to Fredericksburg, OH 450 miles / 8hrs